The busy little hive that is the Bloodshot nerve center is bombarded with questions everyday. Unfortunately, most of them are the same few. So, in order to streamline your day, keep us from getting curt on the phone, and build a more perfect union, be sure to check out our FAQ section.

ADDRESS: 3039 W. Irving Park Rd, Chicago IL 60618
PHONE: 773-604-5300
FAX: 773-604-5019
WEBSITE: (duh)


SPECIFIC ARTISTS: If'n you're looking for an artist's address to send them words of encouragement, fan mail, poems, old clothes, songs, or the keys to your vacation home on Jamaica, just send it c/o above address and we will make sure they get it.  We swear.

PUBLICITY: Josh Zanger josh [at] or
Elise Shell (Tour Press) elise [at]

RADIO: Elise Shell elise [at]

NEW MEDIA PUBLICITY, VIDEO, AND WEBSITE/ONLINE: Mike Smith (his real name...we think) mike [at]

LICENSING: Nan Warshaw nan [at]

RETAIL: Pete Klockau pete [at]