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Artist Datesort descending Type City State Country Venue/Details
Vandoliers 04/17/2020 Tour Dates Oklahoma City Oklahoma US Blue Note
Vandoliers 04/18/2020 Tour Dates Wichita Kansas US Nortons Brewing Company
w/ All Knowing McGill
04/19/2020 Tour Dates Kearney Nebraska US The Otherside
Vandoliers 04/21/2020 Tour Dates Lincoln Nebraska US Bourbon Theatre
Vandoliers 04/22/2020 Tour Dates St. Louis Missouri US Off Broadway
Vandoliers 04/23/2020 Tour Dates Yorkville Illinois US The Law Office Pub & Music Venue
Vandoliers 04/24/2020 Tour Dates Iowa City Iowa US Wildwood Smokehouse & Saloon
Vandoliers 04/25/2020 Tour Dates Chicago Illinois US Hideout Inn
Vandoliers 04/26/2020 Tour Dates Green Bay Wisconsin US Lyric Room
Vandoliers 04/28/2020 Tour Dates Indianapolis Indiana US Duke's Indy
Vandoliers 04/29/2020 Tour Dates Nashville Tennessee US The Basement East
Vandoliers 04/30/2020 Tour Dates Atlanta Georgia US Star Community Hall
Vandoliers 05/01/2020 Tour Dates Birmingham Alabama US The Nick Rocks
Vandoliers 05/02/2020 Tour Dates Memphis Tennessee US Hernando's Hide-A-Way
w/ David Luning Band
05/15/2020 Tour Dates Santa Cruz California US Moe's Alley
Vandoliers 05/17/2020 Tour Dates Reno Nevada US Virginia Street Brewhouse
Vandoliers 05/20/2020 Tour Dates Portland Oregon US Mississippi Studios
Vandoliers 05/23/2020 Tour Dates Missoula Montana US Top Hat
Vandoliers 05/24/2020 Tour Dates Bozeman Montana US Rialto
Vandoliers 05/26/2020 Tour Dates Cheyenne Wyoming US Terry Bison Ranch Resort
Vandoliers 05/27/2020 Tour Dates Denver Colorado US Hi-Dive
Vandoliers 06/12/2020 Tour Dates Malmo SE Folk A Rock
Vandoliers 06/13/2020 Tour Dates Loderup SE Solhallan
Vandoliers 06/14/2020 Tour Dates Stockholm SE STHLM Americana
Vandoliers 06/16/2020 Tour Dates Leiden NL Q-Bus
Vandoliers 06/18/2020 Tour Dates Hamburg DE Sound Yard
Vandoliers 06/19/2020 Tour Dates Altandsberg DE Buchholz Saloon
Vandoliers 06/20/2020 Tour Dates Eindhoven NL Wilhemina
Vandoliers 06/21/2020 Tour Dates Meppel NL Clouso
Vandoliers 06/24/2020 Tour Dates Valencia ES Loco Club
Vandoliers 06/25/2020 Tour Dates Madrid ES Sala El Sol
Vandoliers 06/26/2020 Tour Dates Zaragoza ES Rock & Blues Café
Vandoliers 06/27/2020 Tour Dates Aviles ES Factro
Vandoliers 06/28/2020 Tour Dates Santander ES Little Bobby
Vandoliers 07/03/2020 Tour Dates Easton UK Maverick Festival
Vandoliers 07/04/2020 Tour Dates Bridport UK SouthCider Festival
Vandoliers 07/05/2020 Tour Dates London UK The Grace
Vandoliers 07/06/2020 Tour Dates Hull UK O'Rileys
Vandoliers 07/07/2020 Tour Dates Scarbrough UK Woodend Gallery
Vandoliers 07/08/2020 Tour Dates Glasgow UK Broadcast