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"There are times when I listen to the album and end up lost in reflection about fading memories and missed chances. Other times, the guitars and drums and harmonies lift me up, convince me that the road ahead is bright. Either way, 'Lessons' makes for a fantastic journey." 

PopMatters nails it with this 8/10 star review of Ha Ha Tonka's newest album 'Lessons.'

3 Bloodshotters in the American Songwriter Top 50 songs of the year

American Songwriter just published their Top 50 Songs of 2012, and THREE of them can be found in our humble little home.

#22 Cory Branan's "The Corner" from MUTT

#24 Justin Townes Earle "Am I That Lonely Tonight?" from Nothing's Gonna Change...

#26 Waco Brothers & Paul Burch "Flight To Spain" from Great Chicago Fire

and just for good measure, BS-distributed artists The Black Swans check in at #11 with "Portsmouth, Ohio" from Occasion for Song

So, I guess we can claim 3 and a half songs...

See the whole list and read what they said about the songs HERE


I think we can all agree that Dex Romweber is one mammoth talent on the guitar.  Some of you tech geeks may even know that he is a dyed-in-the-wool accolate of Silvertone guitars.

The blog, Silvertone World, just did a feature on Dex and his fondness for that particular guitar (or "axe" as we say in the biz).

It's also got a great review of the new record, they chat about Dex's first album (bet you won't guess, I'm surprised), influences, he relationship with Jack White, darkness and light.  The the whole piece HERE

Justin Townes Earle named one of the MUST HEAR artists at Bonnaroo

SPIN Magazine named JTE one of the "Must Hear" artists at the upcoming Bonnaroo Music Festival.

We kinda agree.

Check out the list HERE

LA TIMES feature on Langford

In prepartion of his imminent arrival to the Left Coast, the LA Times saw the profound wisdom in running THIS feature on Jon Langford and his new album Old Devils. He talks about his inspiration for the songs and why he keeps going.



Multi-Media MoFo

Usually the glossy industry rags are full of ladder-climbing execs posing with Grammy winning artists, or some hard-hitting "newsy" pieces about some rap-rocker saving some puppies or something.  Lots of insider back-slapping that the regular Joe never sees (nor would want to).

Imagine our surprise when we saw a story on King of Some of the Media Andre Williams showed up in an article in Variety!  Read it HERE.

Bloodshot Digest 6-26-09

Your weekly or semi-weekly peek into the swirling vortex of weirdness that is life in the Bloodshot Lane.  So, stop tweeting about the King of Pop for a few minutes, relax (the boss ain't watching) and catch up.  All items guaranteed to be Sequined Glove Free.

  • Wayne Hancock on Sirius/XM. The Train is performing and being interviewd on the fancy satellite radio.  Show will on Tues June 30th @ 9pm eastern and Thursday July 2nd at 11pm eastern time.  Outlaw Country on Sirius 63 and XM channel 12.
  • What music do musicians listen to?  This age-old question was posited to Ha Ha Tonka's Luke Long at SXSW this year and our friends at Rhapsody.  Check out the answer here.  Personally, I do not think his answer could be more wrong.  It's a BAD album.  I'll take it up with him later.
  • While the blogosphere has its up sides, one glaring downside is the crappy writing.  "Reviews" of records that are more half-cocked diary entries like "oh dude, i was up all night doing Jager bombs and watching The Wire on Hulu and was, like, no way was I up for listening to this band" that have precious little to do with the music.  Thus, we are pleased when lengthy, well-crafted critiques come across our desks, like this one from Cheeky Chicago regarding Ha Ha Tonka's new one.  Read it, but beware, you may gain some actual insight on the music.
  • Rob's Recommendation of the WeekNhu Lan Bakery.   Everyone's got that place (or, pity if you don't) in their 'hood that is just so good, so cheap, so GO TO, that you kinda take it for granted and, POOF, one day you are reminded, scolded almost, to NOT take if for granted.  Today, I atone for this and sing its praises.  Proving that not all colonialism was bad (ok, settle down, it's a joke), this Vietnamese sammich shop on Lawrence Ave in Chicago combines the fish sauce of the east with the crusty baguettes of ol' France.  They are cheap, very tasty, very filling.  The owners are super nice, the coffee nerve-endingly strong.  The flat screen TV over the drink cooler (lemon grass soda, anyone?) alternates between CNN and Asian Lingerie shows.  Some swear by the pate and head cheese sammiches, but they're a little rich for me.  I go for the BBQ pork.  Lots of cilantro, daikon radish and hot peppers.  Check it out, but don't neglect your own GO TO spot in your hood in the process.  Never forget those.

Next week, we'll be coming at you from the first of our 15th Anniversary Beer-B-Q's in Pittsburgh.  Got any suggestions for excellent breakfast places?

Stephen King Names Zoysia as One of His Top Albums of 2006

Stephen King, author and obvious aficionado of fine music, has named the Bottle Rockets' Zoysia as one of his top ten favorite albums of 2006 in this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly! The master of modern horror has this to say about the album:

"The Bottle Rockets are often categorized as alt-country — by people who need categories — but what they really are is America's premier bar band. Zoysia (I don't know what it means either) is their best album ever — tuneful, soulful, and best of all, loud. Primo cuts: 'Better Than Broken, 'Feeling Down.'"

His entire top ten list is viewable on the Entertainment Weekly site here.

I'm Not Jim Reviewed on Fresh Air

I'm Not Jim's You Are All My People received a glowing review on WHYY/NPR's Fresh Air from Ken Tucker, who said "[Some] songs have a gleaming hard edge ... and elsewhere they've created crisp little pop tunes with choruses that sound like forgotten hits from decades old rock radio stations." To take a listen to the review and hear clips, head over to the NPR Music site here!