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Kelly Hogan

Nora O'Connor & Kelly Hogan backing Iron & Wine on Fallon

Set your TVs to swoon!

Iron & Wine has seen the wisdom of having two of the finest harmony vocalists in the known world, our own Nora O'Connor and Kelly Hogan, back them up on their upcoming tour, as well as on the Jimmy Fallon show this Friday (April 26th)!


NORA O'CONNOR on the road with KELLY HOGAN

So I'm at the Hideout the other night, doling out soup for a fundraiser thrown by the good folks at Soup & Bread, and Nora O'Connor stops by.  She offhandedly remarks that she'll be playing bass on Kelly Hogan's upcoming tour in addition to singing her sweet backing vocals.

"JESUS CHRIST" I yelled, "THIS is the kind of thing you need to tell us in advance!"

So, there you have it.  Go catch two of the finest voices on the planet together on the same stage.

Furthermore, both of them have albums on sale during our YEAR END BLOWOUT sale!


As we like to say, "we release a lot of good music, but we can't release ALL the good music."

Some former compadres (well, they'll ALWAYS be compadres...that's what makes this job so great) who have moved on to other labels have released a bundle of new music this month.  Being dorky fans, we wanted to let you know about them, as well as offer them up on our site.  So, dig in to the new tunes by some old faves:

KELLY HOGAN: I Like To Keep Myself In Pain



AND check out the sale going on this month for catalog items from these artists.  So, if you are new to the HOGAN/ANDRE/ALEJANDRO camps you can pick up some great music for some friendly prices all through June.

Also new is the LIMITED EDITION LP of Ha Ha Tonka's killer debut album.  You asked, you pleaded, some have even made veiled HERE it is. But act fast, we only made 500 of these.


New Kelly Hogan On The Way

...and it's about GD time, we say.

One of the finest voices we've ever heard, let alone been lucky enough to work with, Kelly Hogan, announced a new record is finally on its way.  After spending most of the past decade singing alongside Neko Case, Jakob Dylan, Mavis Staples and many others, she steps out on her own again.   And it's quite the star studded affair, too.

Read all about it in THIS post from the Chicago Reader.

We'll make sure to get our hands on a few for you to pick up.  You WILL love it.

In the meantime, get to know some of her other solo material like THIS masterpiece

Wine Tasting, Wine Songs

It's PRESIDENTS DAY! What better way to celebrate the life and achievements of Millard Fillmore than at the Hideout!

Sample classic French Country wines, listen to Robbie Fulks and Kelly Hogan sing wine-themed classic country tunes at the Hideout this Monday, Feb. 20th

Free samples of great Cellar Rat selections from 5:30-6:30 will get you in the mood for Robbie & Kelly's set of Vino-Tonk at 7:00!

Cellar Rat will be sampling out five different French Country Wines (rustic wines produced outside the major wine production areas), absolutely FREE. Robbie's shows frequently sell out and the wine samples are first come, first served. So, be sure to show up early. Who knows? Your friendly neighborhood Rat may even perform a song or two!

The Cellar Rat, for those of you not paying attention, is the super cool Wicker Park wine shop owned and operated by Deano of the Waco Brothers and Dollar Store.


Nora O'Connor in Billboard and Jakob Dylan Video

Check out THIS article in the huge industry mouthpiece BILLBOARD on Nora O'Connor. She talks about recording with Jeff Tweedy and Mavis Staples for an upcoming record, touring with Jakob Dylan and where she's been the past few years.

HERE is a video of Nora and Kelly Hogan singing with a "nice-smelling" Jakob Dylan on the Craig Ferguson show.  If you look carefully in the background you'll see Jon Rauhouse on pedal steel and Tom Ray on bass hiding behind their comically large beards.

Nora O'Connor & Kelly Hogan on tour with Jakob Dylan

Two of the finest songbirds in the world (we may be biased on that one, but we really don't think by TOO much) Nora and Kelly are even better when they sing together.  Anyone who ever saw them Struts or Flat Five shows at the Hideout knows what we're talking about.

Jakob Dylan ain't no fool and is having them back him up on his summer tour.

So, while you're enjoying the show and gettin' all swoony over Mr D, check out the foxy ladies with the powerhouse vox behind him.

Go HERE for tour dates near you.


Sick of Lady GaGa and Susan Boyle cluttering up yer TV?

Here's some REAL ladies singing.  Nora O'Connor and Kelly Hogan appear TONIGHT on the LATE LATE SHOW with CRAIG FERGUSON backing up Jakob Dylan.

DVR or TiVo or do it old school by actually watching it!

Check local listings for air time


Kelly Hogan on the road and on the stage with Jakob Dylan

Kelly Hogan, along with Neko Case, has backed Jakob Dylan on his soon to be released album "Women and Country".  To support, they are all hitting the road under the moniker Jakob Dylan & the Three Legs featuring Kelly Hogan and Neko Case.

We've always known that KH is one of the best singers around, now others are gonna be hip to it.  Huzzah!  We hope you get the chance to check it out.

Bloodshot Digest 6-9-09

Bloodshot Digest: The "Where's mah summer?" Edition

  • The New Times weekly newspaper of Broward-Palm Beach, FL named Charlie Pickett its BEST Male Rock Vocalist of 2009 in this year's Best Of poll! Congrats, Charlie!
  • Sweet Home New Orleans, an organization dedicated to supporting the NOLA'sLangford Art unique and cultural music community, has teamed up with LeMieux Galleries to raise money for the cause. You can support the organization when you buy this BEAUTIFUL print of Danny Barker by Jon Langford.
  • Neko Case will be performing on the revamped Tonight Show with Conan O'Brian on Thursday night. Joining Neko will be Bloodshot babes Kelly Hogan and Nora O'Connor. Set yr TIVO!
  • Justin Townes Earle will take part in the BIG SUPRISE TOUR this summer with The Felice Brothers, Old Crow Medicine Show and Dave Rawlings Machine (featuring Gillian Welch). Check out the tour dates here.
  • Finally, here's a picture of Mary from Scotland Yard Gospel Choir with Justin after his performance at Chicago's Metronome Fest. Sez Mary, "My only requirement is some sort of caption about us battling it out for the title of skinniest Bloodshot artist." Ok, Mary. If you see these two on tour, bring them some mac-n-cheese (or vegan mac for Mary), eh?

    JTE and Mary