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Dex Romweber

Dex Romember and Athens, GA

The mid-80s documentary about the legendary Athens, GA music scene of the time, Athens, GA: Inside/Out, has been given the re-release treatment with a new DVD and CD soundtrack. Featuring local legends like The B-52s and REM, the documentary also turns its lens onto Flat Duo Jets, which features the legit guitar god Dex Romweber. We have the good fortune of having a few copies of the Flat Duo Jets' seminal LP, Go Go Harlem Baby, in our warehouse for sale—so make your next weekend, a Romweberian one ... pick up Inside/Out and then put Go Go Harlem Baby on your record player.

Why, you ask, should I care?  THIS is why. Unhinged, epochal live performances, is why.

We're Having a Birthday Party and You're Invited!

Barely BS


In late July, Bloodshot turned 18!!  In that hazy, crazy summer of '94, we put out a little compilation to alleviate our boredom (Angry Birds hadn't been invented yet...I was like the Stone Age) and try and get into to shows for free.  It features the first widely available recordings of Bottle Rockets, Robbie Fulks, The Handsome Family, and provided Jon Langford with more opportunities to make music...

And now we're old enough to do things  like vote, buy pornography and Lotto tickets, get a Sam's Club membership,  get a home loan (and allow banks to screw us), sue somebody (like a bank), get sued, be convicted as adults, buy tobacco, buy Nicorette gum, enter the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes....ah the world is our oyster.....

To celebrate, we're throwing at Party!  5 Bands!  Beer Tastings!

Sounds like heaven to us.


While you're in the festive mood, check out our August sale highlighting artists connected to that very first album.

Killer Feature on Dex Romweber in the Oxford American

One of our all time favorite publications is the Oxford American: The Southern Magazine of Good Writing. They consistantly hip us to the lost treasures of American music.

This month's issue gives full on treatment to DEX ROMWEBER.

All The Requisite Billies: The Untold Legend of Dex Romweber traces the rises and falls of one of our favorite musicians of ALL TIME.  Embedded are videos featuring interviews with Jack White, Neko Case, Cat Power, Exene Cervenka, a performance in the early '90's on David Letterman, a clip from an MTV documentary (and holy shit! the live footage of the Flat Duo Jets doing "Crazy Hazy Kisses" is epic!  Keep in mind, that's just TWO people whipping up that glorious racket!), and then there's a link to the song the Duo cut with Jack White in 2011.  Finally, there's an embedded link to the heralded documentary on Dex "Two Headed Cow."

Check it out.  If you are Dex fan, you'll love it.  If you are NOT a Dex fan, it'll force the question: "What's wrong with you?"

Dex Romweber: New Video, new tour, New Release

Lots happening in the DEX ROMWEBER DUO camp, so we thought we'd give you a snazzy biz school bullet point summation.  That's the way we operate around here.

»NEW VIDEO: From their latest album, the exclusive video premiere of  the Death of Me ran on Paste.  Check it out HERE.

»NEW TOUR: Dex and his sis hit the road with punk legends THE MEAT PUPPETS at the end of October for a series of dates up the east coast.  Don't miss this dream double bill!  Check the dates HERE

»NEW RELEASE: Well, it's an new RE-release of Dex's SEMINAL Flat Duo Jets LP Go Go Harlem Baby.

Some of you may remember Jack White dropping the needle on the Jets’ version of “Froggy Went a Courtin’” in the “It Might Get Loud” doc as an indicator of his early influences. Maybe you remember the White Stripes covering “You Belong to Me” or “Apple Blossom Time” in their live performances. Those songs, as well as all the rest featured on Go Go Harlem Baby are genuinely important in the pantheon of American music.

Pick it up HERE while we have them in stock!

DEX ROMWEBER DUO VIDEO PREMIERE premiered the garage rock rave up "Jungle Drums" from the Dex Romweber Duo's new album Is That You In The Blue?

Have a look see HERE.

Smokin' Dex Romweber Duo Performance...

Check out THIS brilliant live version of Grey Skies by Dex and his sister and a new bass player.  Captured in some evocative black and white footage opening for Wanda Jackson and Jack White, it's the band at their best.

In other Dex Duo news, they are heading into the studio in the coming weeks to record their next record.  Rick Miller from Southern Culture on the Skids is providing the studio and handling the producer duties.


Thanks to all of you who came out December 19th to Chicago's Double Door to benefit the "Get Well" funds for the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir and Lawrence Peters.  Thanks to you all we raised over $4000 for them AND gathered a couple bins worth of canned good for Catholic Charities.

Hope you enjoyed yourselves.  We're looking forward to new music in 2010 from all the bands that played: Dex Romweber Duo (baby, that killer cover of the Xavier Cugat nugget "Brazil" is still jumping in my head), the Blacks and the Detroit Cobras.

Happy New Year from your hard working pals at Bloodshot.

New Dex Romweber Duo Video

Here's a nifty new video for the song "People, Places and Things" from the Duo's release Ruins of Berlin.  It's on YouTube and Vimeo. It's got some oooooolllldddd footage of Dex, too.

Bloodshot Anniversary/Holiday Show Announced!

That's Right!  More anniversary tomfoolery, but this time for a good cause!

December 19th at the Double Door in Chicago we're throwing another affordable bash and 100% of the door goes to the recovery funds of Scotland Yard Gospel Choir** and Lawrence Peters*

Playing will be The Detroit Cobras, Dex Romweber Duo, The Blacks and the Lawrence Peters Outfit.

There will be a canned food drive (bring a couple of cans and get something nice) and you can do all that last minute Christmas shopping at our booth of wares.

Join us for some holiday cheer and some fine rock and roll.

** Read about Scotland Yard's horrible van accident here

* Who is Lawrence Peters? Lawrence is probably best known for singing The Old Black Hen on the first Magnolia Electric Company album. He also sings, and/or plays drums, or washboard, with The Golden Horse Ranch Band, Plastic Crimewave Sound, The Velcro Lewis Group, Mar Caribe, Eiren Caffall, Hardscrabble and more. Perhaps you know him as a bartender at the Hideout, or with his singing on a Bloodshot comp with Nora O'Connor and  he DJs all over.  He broke his foot in an accident this year and was unable to work and is spiralling into debt due to his medical bills.  It's our way of helping out of the unsung heroes of the Chicago scene that makes this city so great.

The Lawrence Peters Outfit is a dyed-in-the-wool honky tonk band, with bluegrass influences, in the tradition of Webb Pierce, Jimmy Martin, George Jones, Roger Miller, and Loretta Lynn. Lawrence sings, and plays snare drum, leading the band through his classic originals, and a choice selection of vintage material. The group gets it just right, with plenty of fire on the faster tunes, and that sweet country smolder on the moodier songs. This is for fans of the deep-rooted, heart-felt kind of country music that you don't often hear anymore.

Bloodshot Digest: 7-14-09

Bloodshot Digest: The "Moving Pictures" Edition

  • Bobby Bare Jr and some friends (namely, Bobby Senior, Jon Langford, Sally Timms and Will Oldham) celebrated one of Chicago's sons, Shel Silverstein. The celebration, aptly called A SHEL-ebration, had the motley crew of musicians showcasing Shel's songs (few people know Shel was the songwriter of "A Boy Named Sue") in Millennium Park. Earlier in the day, Bobby was on WBEZ's 848 to talk about his releationship with Shel as a kid, and as a young songwriter -- you can listen to it here.

    Also of note (and mentioned before in these pages), Bobby and his dad executive produced a tribute to Shel Silverstein that will be released later this year on Sugar Hill/Vanguard and features performances by: Emmylou Harris, Black Keys, George Jones & Ray Price, Allison Krauss, Band of Horses, Dr. Dog, Andrew Bird, Kris Kristofferson (backed by members of the Silver Jews) and My Morning Jacket.
  • Ha Ha Tonka stopped by the Hear Ya studios and recorded a few songs from the new album -- listen to the session (and check out some video) here.
  • The Blacks (who will be reuniting for our 15th anniversary show in Chicago later this summer) are featured in the indie film LEFTY, which has its Chicago premiere at the Gene Siskel Film Center on July 24 (add'l showings will be on July 28 and July 30, too). Support local cinema!
  • More film news! IT MIGHT GET LOUD, a documentary on the electric guitar -- as told from the points of view of The Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White -- will be released in theaters next month. While the subject matter itself may get a few of you into the theater, we hear that Jack White waxes about one of his guitar heroes during the doc -- Dex Romweber.
  • And since Rob's been recommending food, I'll recommend a short film: TREEVENGE (Warning: Language, gore). I saw it before the amazing Nazi Zombie horror flick, Dead Snow, at the Sundance Film Festival earier this year, and it was easily one of the festival highlights. Seems others agree, too -- TREEVENGE has been touring the festival circuit, gathering accolades and fans. So, take 15 minutes and watch TREEVENGE, okay?