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SPIN Gives Jon Langford's 'Here Be Monsters' a 7/10 Glowing Review

Our friends at SPIN Magazine reviewed Jon Langford's new album Here Be Monsters and say it's "Langford at his colloquial best" with a 7 out of 10 rating! 

Read the review here.

Buy the album on CD or LP here.


Ken Tucker Reviews Jon Langford's 'Here Be Monsters' on NPR Fresh Air

Ken Tucker reviewed Jon Langford's new album Here Be Monsters on NPR's Fresh Air!

Here's the transcript of the review.

"This new album takes a bit of a break from both of those genres [punk and country]: These are more like folk songs with rock 'n' roll instrumentation, hard rock with sentiments that can be sung in a soft voice, but whose ideas are never soft-headed."

Buy it on CD and LP here.


Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis Review Lydia Loveless on NPR's Sound Opinions

In case you missed it, Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis reviewed Lydia Loveless's new album Somewhere Else on Sound Opinions on NPR/WBEZ this weekend. Greg and Jim both say "Buy it!" and rave about her songwriting, honest charisma, and her cover of Kirsty MacColl's "They Don't Know." 

Listen here at 46:00.

Our favorite part is when Jim says "I wanna take every 14 or 15 year-old girl in America and play them this record and say 'the heck with Taylor Swift; this is who your heroine should be!'"



"There are times when I listen to the album and end up lost in reflection about fading memories and missed chances. Other times, the guitars and drums and harmonies lift me up, convince me that the road ahead is bright. Either way, 'Lessons' makes for a fantastic journey." 

PopMatters nails it with this 8/10 star review of Ha Ha Tonka's newest album 'Lessons.'

Eddie Spaghetti Hates The French!

Well, not really, but that's the kind of headline that garners attention in this internet age.  We were also considering "Eddie Knocks Up Kate Middleton" but, really, who cares?

Anyway, Eddie is doing some solo shows out West this week, and the LA Examiner interviewed him about performing solo and how the Supersuckers ended up in Seattle.  He also does, in fact, rib the French a bit for the "encore" and their dislike of rock and roll.

Read it all HERE.

And keep in mind, Eddie's most recent solo album Sundowner is on sale for the rest of the month for only $9.99!

End of the Week Tidbits

Wow, it's the end of the day!  The end of the week!  Crazy day AND everyone's putting together their Big Bird Halloween costumes.

So we're combining news bits, sue us (not really, please).

First, check out THIS full on feature and interview with Rosie Flores in Guitar World

It's got stories about the songs, her career and all the geeky gear talk guitarists lapse into at the drop of AND a couple of embedded videos.

"From rollicking down and dirty fun to touching, heartfelt song, Working Girl’s Guitar is Rosie to the core. Sassy, classy and ready to kick ass-y (Did I really say that!?). It’s Rosie’s fault. She’s got me all riled up."

NEXT: Graham Parker's interview in SLATE magazine HERE.  GP talks about making a movie with Judd Apatow, the Rumour reunion and Glenn Beck.  At least he didn't make a movie with Glenn Beck.  There's some embedded video of some vintage Rumour ("Local Girls") and some streaming new music.

FINALLY, after frequent and persistant (but well-meaning) badgering by lots of you folks, we got in new printings of the FIREWATER LOGO T and the LYDIA LOVELESS Gasoline Logo T's for your sartorial needs.

Carry on with your weekend,




KIller Rosie Flores Press Right out of the Gate

Tuesday was RELEASE DAY for Rosie Flores' new album Working Girl's Guitar.  We celebrated in the office by cranking the sucker up and prancing about in our snazziest cowboy boots and drinking Lone Star beer.  Well, it was  actually beat up tennis shoes and some of JP's fine homemade brew, but still...

Anyway, the writerly types out there have already taken a shine to it.

We've pulled some of the coolest quotations and put them on the album page, but if you want to read the full length, more in-depth examinations of this fine record, dig into some of the best:

The Oxford American

Cool Album of the Day


Saving Country Music

We hope these'll convince you to pick it up.. Reviews Waco Brothers/Paul Burch Album

In our continuing quest to present fuller and more thoughtfully written music journalism to you, rather than glib tossed off bon mots aimed at the legions of short attention spanned media-consuming blobs so prevalent out there, we present to you THIS lengthy review of the Waco Brothers and Paul Burch collaboration Great Chicago Fire we released this spring.

It's by the good folks (and tasteful music fans) at   They run down the album song by song and even post a soundcloud file of the title track.

So have a look.  It'll be more interesting than whatever you are doing at work right now.  Trust us.



Super LYDIA LOVELESS rave in

We've been doing this long enough that we can spot a journalist or blogger who is just phoning it in, who crib from our press releases, juggle it around and rush out the door to get to the bar 5 minutes sooner.

Thus, it always does our hearts good to read a piece by someone who is obviously OVERCOME by something, who writes with a giddy passion.  Check out THIS in depth review of Lydia's new album Indestrucible Machine in

Here's just a couple of the highlights:

“If you believe in Rock ‘N’ Roll, you pray for people like Lydia Loveless.”

Indestructible Machine
is as good as anything I’ve heard this year and marks the true, and truly defiant, arrival of what could be a serious talent… This music is razor sharp but bluntly honest, witty, massively entertaining, and often crushingly swoonsome… A riot starr is born! But God help us, this one’s gonna be trouble.”

Wethinks he likes it!

HA HA TONKA slays 'em at the Austin City Limits Festival

HA HA TONKA played the much vaunted ACL festival in Austin TX last weekend and by all the accounts we've heard (we weren't allowed to go, our cruel overlord bosses allow no such things) they knocked it out of the proverbial park

HERE'S a link to Rolling Stone's "Best Moments" from the festival photos

HERE'S a great article/interview from the AustinPost called "The ACL Band Stuck In My Head" and it tells how HHT brought on the rain to the drought-stricken area (who knew?) as well as couple of their videos.

Overheard several times were people saying "Did you hear that HHT made it rain?"

Heed their powers...

Here's a video medley of their set (pardon the crappy audio) that gives you sense of the day..