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Bobby Bare Jr. Is MySpace's Artist of the Day

MySpace recently relaunched with a slick-looking website chock full o' musical and visual goodies. Bobby Bare Jr. is the MySpace Artist of the Day today! Read the interview here. 

Dex Romweber Gets In-Depth in Web2Carz Interview

Web2Carz interviewed Dex Romweber about the Duo's new album Images 13, his influences, his relationship with Jack White, why he covered The Who, and what kinda smokes he prefers. 

Read it here.


Under the Rader Interviews Lydia Loveless

Read an in-depth discusssion between Lydia and Under the Radar magazine on her songwriting, the differences between Somewhere Else and Indestructible Machine, and Blue Oyster Cult. 


Scott H. Biram is American Songwriter Magazine's 'Songwriter of the Week'

American Songwriter Magazine mustered up the courage to approach the one and only Scott H. Biram about his songwriting craft, process, and influences. It's a fascinating SHB is a pretty fascinating dude, a student of many schools. 

Enlighten yourself.

Amidst the SHB101 songwriting course, there are still a few Biramesque answers of good humor, including his response to any words he hates: 

"I don't hate any words really . . . only phrases. "Cool beans".. I hate that one. Saying "vacay" instead of "vacation." It' a sign of the times. Laziness. "Okee dokie Doggie Daddy." This one must die."

We'll throw in "yesiree-bob" and "totes" and "obvi" and all that crap and wholeheartedly agree with The Dirty Old One Man Band.


Lydia Loveless Featured in SPIN SXSW Video

SPIN just posted a recap video of their Vans-sponsored SXSW party and it includes interview and live performance footage of Lydia Loveless. Watch it here.

Or below: 

Red Bull Music Interviews Lydia Loveless

Red Bull and Lydia Loveless...seems like a perfect match. Both are young and full of energy, eh? Well, it appears they get along well in this interview on Red Bull Music. 

Read it here.

Our favorite part is Lydia's take on current pop music: "I live next to a radio station, and the signal invades my computer speakers -- the speakers just randomly pick up the signal. It's really loud, like I-can-hear-it-from-the-other-room loud. So, all day, I hear this weird 'Lion King' shit. It drives me fucking nuts."


Jon Langford Talks Politics, Honky Tonk, and Roger Knox in VICE

Jon Langford chatted with VICE about almost everything under the sun, including drone warfare, astronomy, his upcoming new album, and his buddy Roger Knox

Read it here.

There are some good tidbits about The Mekons too. 


Soundtrack your Wednesday afternoon with Ha Ha Tonka's fabulous World Cafe session on NPR

Stream it here!

The band plays stand-out tracks from their newest Bloodshot album 'Lessons' and participates in an interview with David Dye, in which they cover the main muse for the album (a Maurice Sendak interview on NPR's Fresh Air, coincidentally), Ozark culture, and scrapped album titles. 

Buy HHT's 'Lessons' here.

CMT Edge Talks to Lydia Loveless About Her New Album and Def Leppard

CMT Edge got Lydia Loveless to sit still for enough time to talk about her the process of writing her new album 'Somewhere Else' (out Tuesday!!), her definition of "pop music," Liz Taylor, Def Leppard, and plenty more. 

Read it here.

Pre-order the album here.

Barrence Whitfield Interview in Boston Globe

The Boston Globe digs that savage soul! Barrence Whitfield & The Savages' own...Barrence Whitfield...chatted with James Sullivan about the band's history and triumphant return. 

You can DIG into the article here.

“So many musicians degrade over time — they get worse or do more of the same. Whereas I didn’t have a chance to. It’s like I was frozen in ice."

Yep. Barrence is like a soul screamin', garage-rockin' Captain America. And we're about to break him out of the ice on Tuesday with the release of the band's Bloodshot debut 'Dig Thy Savage Soul!'