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Ha Ha Tonka and Lydia Loveless Included in NPR's SXSW 'Austin 100' Playlist

NPR put together a list of 100 bands to check out at SXSW, and they included Lydia Loveless and Ha Ha Tonka! Whether you're trekking to Austin or not, this downloadable playlist should keep your ears occupied this week. 

Listen and download The Austin 100, featuring Lydia's "Really Wanna See You" and HHT's "Colorful Kids" here.

Both artists' SXSW appearances are listed here.

Yayhoos Song on Chicagoist Playlist

When Amazon asked us to put together a playlist of our favorite BS love songs, the good the and the ugly, we thought we did a pretty good job (Download it for FREE HERE), but leave it to our buddies at the Chicagoist to point out a GLARING ERROR, and we have to tip our fuzzy warm caps to them.

We SOMEHOW overlooked the Yayhoos "Baby I Love You, But Leave Me the Fuck Alone" from Fear Not the Obvious, a disc that they put on their Desert Island List.

So, go HERE for the story and for a listen to this timeless ballad that every couple can relate to.

Obviously, put yer headphones on as it is NSFW

Ben Weaver Playlist on Mog Music Network

From time to time, the blog Mog Music Network asks its favorite artists to create personally curated playlists for our curiosity-satisfying- and audio-streaming pleasure. Themes and styles will vary, but you’ll always know your favorite bands just a little better after listening.

Recently, they asked Ben Weaver to have a go at it and he's served up a nifty audio sampler from Gil Scott-Heron to the Gun Club to Vic Chesnutt.

Have a listen HERE

BS Staffers pick their Classic Rock Faves!

In our ongoing attempts to answer the persistent questions: "who the hell works at Bloodshot and what is wrong with them? " we occasionally quiz the staff in the hopes of shedding light on what makes us tick. Perhaps, knowing us better, you will be more forgiving of our foibles, or even grow to feel something bordering on fondness for us.

So, we asked the hard working office monkeys here to name their favorite songs by a few CLASSIC ROCK artists that randomly popped into our heads. THEN, we asked them to name a Wildcard Song, something very much out of character, or a song by someone they otherwise dislike or dismiss, but when it comes on the radio, they can't help but rock out.

Go HERE for the results.  Laugh at their choices, or nod in agreement...

We also suggest you go HERE to sample a new playlist I put together featuring 30+ of our fave rock and punk covers done by Bloodshot artists. Enjoy!