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whitey morgan and the 78s

Bloodshot July News Roundup

• We're pleased to announce that Lydia Loveless will be a featured guest and performer on the nationally-syndicated rock-n-roll talk show, Sound Opinions. The episode starts airing on Friday, July 27 -- but go to the Sound Opinions website to see when it will air on your local station that weekend. (UPDATE: Listen to it here!)

Justin Townes Earle will curate two evenings of music entitled "In the Spirit of Woody Guthrie" on October 26th and 27th at Pace University / Pace Presents Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts in New York, NY. Marking Guthrie's centennial celebration, the nights will also feature music from Joe Pug, The Low Anthem and John McCauley of Deer Tick. For ticket information, visit the Pace online box office.

The final album from rockabilly legend Janis Martin will finally get its audience, thanks in part to our own rockabilly filly, Rosie Flores. Rosie is also currently writing to follow up to her Bloodshot debut, Girl of the Century.

Whitey Morgan and the 78s are pounding the hot pavement this summer, and gathering some great press, including this solid review from the Washington Post and this feature from Creative Loafing.

Holiday Whiskey Extravaganza Announced!

By December 17th, if you are at all like us (and we pity you if you are), yer gonna be sick to death of the malls, the traffic, the office parties, the uncomfortable gatherings your S.O. drags you to, and the overall frantic-osity of the season, you'll be in need of a reprieve.


It's at the Cobra Lounge in Chicago on December 17th. It features Whitey Morgan & the 78s (what better band to drink whiskey to?), Kurt of the Deadstring Brothers (perhaps you remember him wowing the crowd at our Hideout anniversary party earlier this fall) and, fresh from her near sold out Wednesday Schubas show, Lydia Loveless!

Best of all, it's FREE!!! That's right, FREE. Just reserve your spot by RSVPing HERE.

We're also hosting a Food Drive (c'mon, be generous...) to benefit the Casa Catalina Basic Human Needs Center in the Back of the Yards neighborhood.

All donaters will receive a BS goodie.

They provide a full array of services for clients in need of urgent basic human needs. Provides intake for emergency shelter, emergency financial assistance, referral, advocacy, food pantry, short-term case management and benefits screening

They serve an average of 350 to 375 households each week in the pantry. The greatest need in food items:  pasta, canned fruits, vegetables and soups, peanut butter, jelly or jam, Cereal, rice and dry beans.  They also prepare special bags for diabetics so sugar free items and brown rice and pasta are greatly appreciated.

Please c'mon out, have some fun, say hi, help a good cause and maybe pick up a last minute gift or two for the music dork in your life.

Whitey Morgan In Store Highlights

Last weekend, Whitey Morgan & the 78s played an in-store at Hymie's Vintage Records in Minneapolis.  Normally, in-stores aren't particularly newsworthy, but Hymie's did a great job writing it up HERE.  There's video and some nice editorial content.  Seems that the vocal PA died and the boys had to go instro, so Hymie's wrote 'em up in the context of great old country instrumental records.  Bless those boys for muddling through. Sounds good to me.

Deer and Air Bag versus Drummer

On the way back home from a gig in Pittsburgh, Whitey Morgan and the 78's van hit a deer.  Travis, their drummer, was in the front passenger seat and, as he wont to do, had his leg up on the dashboard.

When the airbag deployed on impact, well, you can imagine.  Ouch.  Fractured his leg in two places.  They are having to cancel one gig, but then these road dogs are heading back out.  We'll let you know if there are any further issues with upcoming dates.

We do not have word if the band supped upon venison that night.

Notes from the Road by Jeremy Mackinder: Episode One

NFTR LogoOnce a month-ish, Jeremy Mackinder, the bassist of Whitey Morgan and the 78s, checks in with us to regale a tale from the road ...

We’ve for the most part been on the road for the past three years. It does funny things to you. When you spend more time on a van bench than you do on your couch, things get pretty disorienting. Everyday becomes a Saturday and usually all you see is the bar and the hotel of each town. It’s a rare occasion when you actually “tour” a city.

Read full piece

Geo-Political Turmoil and YOU, the Music Fan

One of the reasons we like what we do is that it allows us to shield ourselves from the workaday realities of geo-political strife.  We live in a happy, simple world.

However, every now and again, the connections between a nutjob despot (looking like Fred Armisen's kooky old uncle after a weeklong bender) and the world of hard working musicians scrapping to make a living collide.

Read THIS prescient interview with Jeremy from Whitey Morgan & the 78s about the effect of oil prices on the music scene.  Just some food (or gas) for thought next time you head out to (or decide to skip) a show.  It's got some simple math in it, but don't let your mind drift too much.  You can handle it.

Life on the road for these folks ain't ever easy and sometimes distant, powermad loonies make it even harder.


Bloodshot bands take over TV!

Keeping up with the Kardashians? Psssshhhffft. The hottest thing in TV these days are Bloodshot bands! Just check out some of what's turning up Bloodshot on the boob tube:

In the December 27 episode of the History Channel show, "American Pickers," Antique Archaeology's office manager Danielle is seen wearing a Whitey Morgan and The 78s t-shirt!

Danielle on American Pickers

And how cool is this? Anthony Bourdain went down to the Ozarks to film an episode of his show, "No Reservations," and Ha Ha Tonka was a featured guest! The boys cooked with and played for Tony on this episode, which is due to air in March 2011. We'll, of course, remind you to set yr DVRs. :)

HHT on Bourdain

And finally, we just got word that Justin Townes Earle will be the musical guest on Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday, January 5! Check back here for the clip (if available)!

Life on the Road, Whitey-Style

In another installment of "The Struggles of the Road" Whitey Morgan and the boys had to cancel a show today at a venue that shall not be named in a city that shall not be named.

Why?  They were notified at the last minute of certain stipulations regarding their performance:

1. No drinking. Period.
2. No stickers, emblems or writing on gear cases.
3. Must use electronic drum kit that they provide.

As their bass player Jeremy says "What, we were supposed to buy new cases for our gear? And the electronic drum kit ... Jesus, I'd have to kick my own ass."

Just so you don't think it's all tour buses and buffet trays out there ...

And we couldn't agree more about the electronic drums.

All Kinds of Content For You Today!

Videos! Interviews!  Rather than post separately, here are the nifty bits 'o' media oddness that crossed our virtual desks today (well, maybe not TODAY, but I'm finally getting around to them.)

--HA HA TONKA:  Most people assume that life on the road is one of glamour and comfort.  Well, HHT shows just how TRUE THIS IS with THIS hilarious (yet sadly accurate) little video on Digital Tour Bus about their trusty (well, not so trusty, but that's another story) van.  SWOON ALERT: Luke Long is shirtless throughout the video.  See how REAL musicians travel...

--JON LANGFORD: While Jon girds himself of his upcoming EAST COAST tour, we thought we'd wet your musical whistle with THIS video posted on Time Out Chicago of him and band performing acoustic "Getting Used To Uselessness" from his latest fab slab Old Devils

--SCOTT H BIRAM: Someone thought it would be smart to put SHB on TV in Austin.  Check THIS out, man.  Scott's covering Don Walser, yodels his ass off in a Black Flag T and camo trucker cap after being intro'd by the squeaky clean super square TV host.

--BEN WEAVER: A fantastic feature on Aquarium Drunkard. It's called Diversions and covers artists waxing about subjects other than performing.  Ben talks about meeting the great southern author Larry Brown

--WHITEY MORGAN: Our Flint outlaw country dudes did a podcast with Taproot Radio.  Listen in HERE

WHEW!  That oughtta keep you all occupied for AT LEAST an hour at "work"


A Brief Idea of What its like to be on the road with Whitey Morgan and the 78s

Every once in a while, we get missives from the road.  Now, our bands do not travel in Gold-plated buses, or fly from show to show in planes with nekked ladies spray painted on them.  No, these are working musicians.  Emphasis on work.

Here, then, is one little tale from Jeremy, the bass player from Whitey Morgan and the 78s. Enjoy the harrowing glamour:

Read full piece