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Rave Reviews for Dex's new album rolling in

A week after the release of the new album from the DEX ROMWEBER DUO Is That You In the Blue?, the folks that scribble reviews are lining up to agree with us, this one smokes...

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"An unsettling, rocking journey from the dark edges of the American Underground to the bright dawn after an all-night bender. "     Stereo Subversion

"Hooray, then, for guys like Dexter Romweber. He plays rock 'n' roll, dammit, and you can tack on as many qualifiers as you please, but it is what it is, straight-up bluesy, primal, gut-punching rock 'n' roll." ---Phoenix New Times

"A deranged, swampy 14 songs that will scratch your Link Wray and rockabilly itch, while the title track is a Roy Orbison-worthy nighttime ballad in the vein of Orbison's "In Dreams.""--Houston Press

"There’s no holding back this time as the Romwebers race full-throttle toward scrappy, raucous rock ’n’ roll bliss."

"14 primordial tracks that ought to be in the collection of every noir-obsessed vinyl fiend." -- The Onion AV Club

"Its versatility is quite dazzling, making it one of the best records in the Romweber catalog."

"A beautiful, swampy affair and is to date one of the best records to come out in 2011. Any true lover of real rock and roll delivered with the proper attitude should own this record."

"Romweber's dark, menacing growl could intimidate Nick Cave if the two of them ever faced off, but sister Sara does her part by providing the music's bombastic beat." --Blurt Online


I think we can all agree that Dex Romweber is one mammoth talent on the guitar.  Some of you tech geeks may even know that he is a dyed-in-the-wool accolate of Silvertone guitars.

The blog, Silvertone World, just did a feature on Dex and his fondness for that particular guitar (or "axe" as we say in the biz).

It's also got a great review of the new record, they chat about Dex's first album (bet you won't guess, I'm surprised), influences, he relationship with Jack White, darkness and light.  The the whole piece HERE

Listen to the new Dex Romweber Duo album, 'Is That You In The Blue?'!

We're getting pretty excited about the release of the Dex Romweber Duo's latest, Is That You In The Blue?, which will be available on CD and LP (and at digital retailers, natch) next Tuesday. The folks over at Paste have a FULL preview of the album streaming on their site right now -- so take a listen, and let us know if you like it as much as we do. In other Dex news, Blurt mag just posted a video interview with Dex, where he talks about the new album, the Flat Duo Jets, and his influences and his own influence on younger musicians.


We've got a couple excellent albums coming at you this summer from the Dex Romweber Duo and the Bottle Rockets, and both bands have announced album release tours that'll likely bring them to a venue near you.

C'mon out and say hi, and support the new music.





Under the Radar Magazine has exclusively posted a track from the new Dex Romweber Duo album Is That You in the Blue? which will be released on July 26th.

Click HERE to get your FREE copy of "Jungle Drums."

We think you'll agree that's is an absolute raver...

Dex Romweber Duo talks to, and busks for, The Village Voice

The folks at The Village Voice catch up with brother-sister duo Dex and Sara Romweber to ask some goofy questions ("What's one thing you've never done?" Dex: "Gone spear fishing off the coast of Key Largo." Hey, Dex, there's still time!) and then film them doing some stripped down versions of songs of their latest album, Ruins of Berlin, in an alley behind a theatre. Check out the video here. And then check out Dex and Sara on tour now.

Stupid Icelandic Volcano

You know, this indie music racket is a tough one.  We struggle, we plan, we do everything we can to mitigate all the travails that are heaped upon our artists in their tour vans.  Blown tires, shot transmissions, snowstorms, unscrupulous promoters, commercial indifference, bird flu, plagues, hangovers, faulty Mapquest directions, stalkers, and a hundred other factors have reared their ugly heads to disrupt tours.

But a VOLCANO?  In Iceland?  ICELAND?

That's a new one on us.  However, it is our duty to inform our European buddies that the Dex Romweber Duo has had to cancel their upcoming run through Spain and France due to the chaos in the air thanks to that F***ING Icelandic volcano eruption.

We're sorry about that (to the extent that we had anything to do with magma shooting out from the center of the earth...) We're gonna try to get them back as soon as we can.

As of this writing, the DRD are still planning on making their festival date in Kilkenny IRELAND.  But that could all change.  Maybe they'll hit by a meteor or something, who knows?


Jack White plays with Dex Romweber at Jack's new Record store!

The dynamic Dex Romweber Duo played a smash instore at Jack White's Third Man Records in Nashville last night for 250+ excited fans. No less than country legend Charlie Louvin amongst the throng.

Mr. White Stripes/Raconteurs/Dead Weather himself kicked things off with an introduction and fiesty acoustic rendition of "You Don't Love Me  Anymore" from Dex's Flat Duo Jets days (check out the original on the classic 1993 FDJ platter, "White Trees...." It could not possibly come with a higher recommendation.)

Their as-always explosive performance is set to be nigh-instantaneously pressed up on wax and ready for sale (ain't technology grand?) We hope to have some to sell through our web store soon.

Seems most of the folks that came out to Jack White's pad must've liked what they heard, as there was a damn-near sold out show at The Basement later that night as well!

Stay tuned for further details on the vinyl, and where you'll be able to see footage of this momentous occasion!

Read about the show HERE


Dex Romweber superfan Jack White has opened the doors to his record store in Nashville for their inaugural in store performance event.

That's right, check out the digs at Third Man Records and Novelties and see the Dex Romweber Duo for FREE at 6pm on February 4th.

This is free, all ages, first come first serve, no booze allowed, all live rock and roll show.

Third Man

623 7th Avenue South  Nashville

Entrance to the venue is at the rear of the building

Spend an hour with Dex Romweber!

Listen below to an EXCLUSIVE podcast with Dex Romweber. He's spinning obscure discs that he's into and telling us about them.  Weird, cool stuff.  Then, be sure to check out Dex and Sara on the road this month with Exene Cervenka.

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