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Devil In A Woodpile

New Digital Only "Best of" Collections Available on iTunes

Well we dusted off the ol' Suggestions Box we keep in the office and found that folks are looking for a quick and easy way to sample the best of the best of some of our artists, something that will sift through some rather large catalogs for them and put together one hell of a playlist.

We obey your commands.

Thus, we have launched "Choice Cuts"---a series of digital only compilations that cull 12 tunes from some of our artists in one easy to swallow package at one even easier to swallow price.  They are available only on iTunes.

So, whether you are looking to explore some heretofore unknown music, something you might have missed, or desirous of having a concise collection by an artist you already love, Choice Cuts is for you.

To kick it off, we've released

The Waco Brothers (Volume One)

Devil In A Woodpile

Wayne "The Train" Hancock

Rex Hobart & the Misery Boys

Andre Williams


We're Having a Birthday Party and You're Invited!

Barely BS


In late July, Bloodshot turned 18!!  In that hazy, crazy summer of '94, we put out a little compilation to alleviate our boredom (Angry Birds hadn't been invented yet...I was like the Stone Age) and try and get into to shows for free.  It features the first widely available recordings of Bottle Rockets, Robbie Fulks, The Handsome Family, and provided Jon Langford with more opportunities to make music...

And now we're old enough to do things  like vote, buy pornography and Lotto tickets, get a Sam's Club membership,  get a home loan (and allow banks to screw us), sue somebody (like a bank), get sued, be convicted as adults, buy tobacco, buy Nicorette gum, enter the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes....ah the world is our oyster.....

To celebrate, we're throwing at Party!  5 Bands!  Beer Tastings!

Sounds like heaven to us.


While you're in the festive mood, check out our August sale highlighting artists connected to that very first album.


The Sanctified Grumblers are playing a fundraiser for WRHC-FM 106.7 fm in Three Oaks MI.  This station, as we are sure you ALL know, is where Bloodshot Rob hosts a weekly radio show "Miller's Cave"

Here's the skinny:

June 25th in Dewey Cannon Park in downtown Three Oaks.  It's a small town, it ain't hard to find.  Festivities start at 5:30 with local bands and the Grumblers at 7pm.

It's FREE, it's all ages, it's kid friendly, there's a pot luck and it's a mere 80 minutes from Chicago.  Parking is easy and free.  Donations to the station are encouraged;  bring a dish, your hula-hoop and picnic blanket and join the fun

Nora O'Connor in Billboard and Jakob Dylan Video

Check out THIS article in the huge industry mouthpiece BILLBOARD on Nora O'Connor. She talks about recording with Jeff Tweedy and Mavis Staples for an upcoming record, touring with Jakob Dylan and where she's been the past few years.

HERE is a video of Nora and Kelly Hogan singing with a "nice-smelling" Jakob Dylan on the Craig Ferguson show.  If you look carefully in the background you'll see Jon Rauhouse on pedal steel and Tom Ray on bass hiding behind their comically large beards.

Devil in a Woodpile CD back in the house!

Division Street, Devil in a Woodpile's second CD, has been out of print for sometime now.  But our Canadian distributor found some mouldering in the back of their warehouse and sent them back to us (boooo Canada for not digging the Devil the way we do).

Anywho, that means we've got  a precious few back in our greasy mitts and have put it back up for sale.  Grab 'em while you can.

Division Street is just a cool-ass record with songs like "Wrong Woman" and "Big Boat" and features the fiddle playing of a before-he-was-famous Andrew Bird.

Thursday's Miscellania: 2 Good, 1 Scary

Usually, when we get bits and pieces of news or interesting tidbits, we try and weave them together and present them to you as a thematic whole.  After much mulling, we could find no way to do that, so we thought the very LACK of a theme would be the theme.  Thus, three totally unrelated bits of news for your time-wasting pleasure as we slink towards the three day weekend:

--ASCAP posted a great little "Audio Portrait" of Graham Parker. He talks about the songwriting process, what he looks for in a perfect pop song, how he balances the dark with the cheery, PLUS you get to hear segments of several of his new songs from his lastest album Imaginary Television.  Have a listen HERE

--When Devil in a Woodpile broke up, we were (and remain) very sad.  However, washboardist/harpist Rick Sherry's new band Sanctified Grumblers have picked up the slack some.  In addition to reviving the Tuesday night gigs at the Hideout, HERE's a video of their song "Stump Grinder"---it'll put some lead in your pencil.  We'll see you Tuesdays...

--Finally, we've been running this madhouse known as Bloodshot for 15 years now, working longs hours for low pay faced with the constant vicissitudes that beset small independents like us.  So, you'll have to excuse us if we get a little miffed when interlopers and dilettantes muscle in on our territory.   When we got the news that ELLEN FRICKING DEGENERES has started her own label, well, part of us wanted to rail against the heavens at all the easy publicity she's getting and part of us wanted to go all Virginia Woolfe and put rocks in our pockets and wade into Lake Michigan.  Maybe then we could get the wider world to pay attention.

Enjoy your long weekend and remember: only YOU can prevent such madness...