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Waco Brothers

New Digital Only "Best of" Collections Available on iTunes

Well we dusted off the ol' Suggestions Box we keep in the office and found that folks are looking for a quick and easy way to sample the best of the best of some of our artists, something that will sift through some rather large catalogs for them and put together one hell of a playlist.

We obey your commands.

Thus, we have launched "Choice Cuts"---a series of digital only compilations that cull 12 tunes from some of our artists in one easy to swallow package at one even easier to swallow price.  They are available only on iTunes.

So, whether you are looking to explore some heretofore unknown music, something you might have missed, or desirous of having a concise collection by an artist you already love, Choice Cuts is for you.

To kick it off, we've released

The Waco Brothers (Volume One)

Devil In A Woodpile

Wayne "The Train" Hancock

Rex Hobart & the Misery Boys

Andre Williams


Waco Brothers & Paul Burch session on KDHX

On a rare jaunt out of Chicago, The Waco Brothers played St Louis and Nashville with Paul Burch to promote their recent album Great Chicago Fire. In St Louis, they stopped by super cool radio station KDHX and recorded live in the studio.

Listen to the aural fruits of their visit HERE.

Four songs from the album done LIVE!  All pretenses of polish and professionalism were tossed aside!


Deano's Wine Store is Closing Up Shop! Buy WIne Now!

Cellar RatOur fave wine store, Cellar Rat, owned by one of our fave people, Deano (Waco Brothers, Dollar Store) is closing its doors on November 15th.  With the holidays fast approaching, it's the perfect time to run on down and stock up with quality curated libations.

From Deano:

"I'm sad to announce that I'll be closing the doors at Cellar Rat for good. Our last day of business will be November 15th. To be frank, I've been struggling for some time. With a poor economy and ever increasing competition for a slice of a smaller pie, it's time to move on. While the store has been quite a drain on me financially and physically, there is still much of the experience for which I'm so grateful. First and foremost, I'm grateful to YOU, my customers. You've provided my livelihood for 5 1/2 years. Your interest and enjoyment of the traditional styles of wine that are my passion has been invigorating to me. Many of you have become friends, which is priceless. I've also learned a lot about business and myself along the way. It's sad to see a dream not work out but this has been far from a loss. I'll go forward in life much better off and I owe you all a debt of gratitude for the part you played. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I have a personal favor to ask of any of you that are so inclined and in a position to do so. I'll be facing a huge deficit at the end of these 10 remaining days. If you have the need or inclination to stock up for the holidays or even just buy a bottle or two, please choose Cellar Rat. If you like the experience you've had buying wine here over the years and can send a little of your business my way one last time, I'd be very grateful. Any sales I can make before the inevitable "everything must go" pricing goes into effect will help me enormously. There's still a great selection of wine in the store. Obviously, that selection will dwindle as we wind down, so try to stop in during the next few days if you can. Feel free to call or email if you'd like me to put together a selection for you- be it a case of every day drinkers, wines for Thanksgiving or a few gift bottles for later in the holiday season.

I have been in retail wine sales most of my adult life. 22 years and counting. I'll likely end up somewhere doing the same very soon. If so, I'll let you know. I hope to be selling wine to at least some of you for many years to come.

A warm thanks again to everyone. Please stop in and say hello sometime between now and the 15th!


Dean Reviews Waco Brothers/Paul Burch Album

In our continuing quest to present fuller and more thoughtfully written music journalism to you, rather than glib tossed off bon mots aimed at the legions of short attention spanned media-consuming blobs so prevalent out there, we present to you THIS lengthy review of the Waco Brothers and Paul Burch collaboration Great Chicago Fire we released this spring.

It's by the good folks (and tasteful music fans) at   They run down the album song by song and even post a soundcloud file of the title track.

So have a look.  It'll be more interesting than whatever you are doing at work right now.  Trust us.



Paul Burch & Waco Brothers: New Release Roundup!

The weekly Chicago Reader feature, Artist on Artist--wherein two artists interview each other, features Paul Burch & the Waco Brothers' Jon Langford.  Their new album hits the shelves today.

Read their freewheeling conversation about Nashville, discovering country, and how playing with the Wacos is like riding a jet engine.  The whole rambling affair is HERE


The Chicago Tribune calls Great Chicago Fire "Wickedly smart!" And "If the Rolling Stones were still making great records, this would be it."


AOL Spinner has the new album streaming in its entirety—listen to it now!


Today, January 20th, in 1978, the Mekons released their first single "Never Been In A Riot"  on the indie Fast Records.

That first incarnation of the The Mekons consisted of Kevin Lycette and Tom Greenhalgh on guitar, Jon Langford on drums, Mary on bass and Mark White and Andrew Corrigan sharing vocals.

It was described in NME as "making the Sex Pistols look like Paper Lace.'"

So, in honor of this day in music history, we're offering up ANY Waco Brothers or Jon Langford CD on a buy one get one free basis.  Order any of these fine albums, and then write in the comments section of the order form which freebie you'd like!

Act fast, this is for today only (I'll take down the offer whenever I wake up tomorrow morning, so as to give all you folks in UK and Australia who are already asleep a chance to act on this.)

And keep in mind, this is for CDS ONLY (no books, or LPs)

RIP, Don Walls, Last of The Sundowners

We're sad to report that the last remaining member of the legendary Chicago country band The Sundowners, Don Walls, passed away yesterday. The Sundowners were good friends of Bloodshot and an inspiration to younger bands, like the Waco Brothers. In this essay, Waco Jon Langford explains what The Sundowners meant to him. In 2004, we released a compilation of The Sundowners' catalog (only a small portion of the 15,000 songs they learned to play), which is still available on CD and digitally.

Deano Waco Talks Holiday Wines

As you may or may not, Wacos/Dollar Store guitarist Deano is the hip purveyor of wines in Wicker Park at the Cellar Rat.

He took some time from his busy schedule foisting merriment upon the masses to talk to the Onion AV Club about good cheap wines for the holidays, over priced champagne and tries to cement the term "breakfast wine" as a legitimate category.

Read it HERE

WACO BROTHERS ON TV! It's a Holiday Miracle!

Set your TiVos or VCRs or whatever it is you use to record programming on the TV so's you can catch the WACO BROTHERS on WGN at 12:55pm Central time.

Those of you in Chicago can see it on Channel 9, and the rest of you can find the mighty WGN on cable.  It's a superstation, they tell me.

Also, there's the annual Waco holiday two-fer at Schubas this weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

All the Fame of Lofty Deeds hits the big stage!

A few months ago, we told you about a theater production being mounted based on Jon's album All the Fame of Lofty Deeds.

Well, we are now here to tell you that it is finally ready to go, the boards to be trod, and tickets to go on sale tomorrow!

The skinny:

All the Fame of Lofty Deeds at The Chopin Theatre

November 12, 2009 - December 20, 2009

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm.  Sundays at 7pm

"Written by rock journalist Mark Guarino and featuring the music and artwork of Bloodshot Records recording artist Jon Langford, this phantasmic journey into the mind of a fictional country music legend is what an episode of Howdy Doody might look like if it were directed by David Lynch. Sadly reflective and yet hilariously surreal, the show mixes rock biography, live music and stunning visual effects to tell a tripped out tale of the demise of America's last living cowboy. TICKETS ON SALE OCTOBER 29!"

Go to the theatre's website here for more details!

Look out CATS!  Stand aside Mamma Mia!  Here comes Langford......