Bloodshot Records workshirt work shirt

Bloodshot Workshirts

TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK! We're working on getting more. Sit tight!


We work hard at Rancho de Bloodshot. Between changing tires, lubing chassis and selling records, we hardly have time to check out how cool we look in our work clothes.

That's why as a service to you, our fans, we've decided to divest ourselves of some surplus USED official Bloodshot work shirts. Now all you shade tree mechanics can pick up the burden of looking fine in these unique threads.

Pay attention to this part:

We've got all kinds of colors and styles. We'll do our best to honor requests but may not be able to give you your first choice. Do not order unless you can live without your first choice.

Here's what you'll need to put in the "special instructions" section when ordering:

Color: Too varied to accomodate special requests. We won't send you anything nasty like pink or yellow, though. Mostly, they are in the blue range.

Sleeves: All we have right now are short sleeves, but a few long sleeves in Large