Bloodshot Records Stock Car Racecar Racing Shirt #42 Scott Kirkman
Bloodshot Stock Car #42 Scott Kirkman racecar t-shirt

Bloodshot Stock Car Racing T-Shirt

Yes, Bloodshot has an official racecar. Why are you surprised? #42 Scott Kirkman's red custom-built vintage ride is branded with the Bloodshot logo, roaring around tracks in the Mid-Atlantic region with the Southern Ground Pounders Vintage Racing Club. Go #42! Go Bloodshot!

Cooler than UPS or Tide sponsoring a car, right? This is a racing shirt you can still wear to the punk club while you moonlight after a day in a lawn chair drinking American beer-swill watching some serious speedway action.

Printed with discharge ink (extra soft!) on black Next Level premium short sleeve unisex crew shirt

Limited edition

(For you auto geeks, the car is built on a 1934 Ford body. And Scott Kirkman, the driver, is Bloodshot Rob's cousin.)