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DVD: Bloodied But Unbowed--Bloodshot Records' Life In The Trenches

Digital Download-Only DVD Soundtrack Available Here.

Bloodied But Unbowed chronicles Bloodshot Records' 12 years (and counting) in the trenches of independent music. It's a world where it's easier to take down an M-1 Abrams tank with pub dart than get noticed and appreciated by the mainstream. Here you'll find the highs, the lows, the humiliations and the triumphs. It's an inspirational tale of the ages for anyone foolish enough to want to start a record label.

For our FIRST EVER DVD release, we've gathered together a feast for the senses. There's 31 videos and live performances (many recorded at 10 year anniversary parties in Austin and Chicago) from the likes of Old 97s, Detroit Cobras, Alejandro Escovedo, Waco Brothers, Deadstring Brothers, Bobby Bare Jr, Graham Parker, Wayne Hancock and many more. There's 8 short films or documentaries that range from the tear jerking and insightful to the side splitting and weird, and delve into subjects as diverse as life on the road, Chicago honky tonk in the 50's and 60's and the venal snake pit that is the music industry. Features appearances and performances from Kelly Hogan, Neko Case, Jon Langford, Sally Timms, Split Lip Rayfield, the Meat Purveyors and the Sundowners.

As if that weren't enough already, rounding out this 3 hour plus package are a Photo Gallery featuring longtime Bloodshot Records shutterbug Frank Swider's favorite 25 photos from SXSW and a poster gallery.

Giddy Praise:

"The DVD exudes such infectious energy and depict such a welcome diversity of style and personality that you will not only keep watching---you might begin to pogo with joy." —PopMatters

"Bloodied but Unbowed possesses a rare quality among music DVDs: wear-it-out re-watchability. It's funny that Bloodshot famously considers itself the product of "folks [who] didn't know any better," because their rough-hewn output is as good as it gets - the epitome of indie purity." —Hour Magazine

"Indeed, it's understating the case to call Bloodied but Unbowed a mere primer. it is, in fact, a bigger lesson on the way music ought to be made." —Amplifier

"Bloodied But Unbowed delivers hard-charging kick-ass entertainment&hellips;Bloodshot Records has their tongue firmly in cheek and their cards on the table with this one. ☆☆☆☆ 1/2." —

"Bloodied But Unbowed could just as well be called 'ragged but right,' even though the latter phrase is usually attributed to country music legend George Jones&hellips;There's no obvious theme running through these various live performances and promotional video clips, except for the purity of the music. It's a train wreck, but a beauty nevertheless. ☆☆☆☆" —Creative Loafing

"Everybody has a DVD; it's outrageous. And somehow, even with all that, Chicago's own has coughed up a fascinating, shaky retrospective. It's wild. Disinterested in continuity, format, space and time, it feels significant nonetheless." —Gapers Block


1. Intro
2. Let's Rock and Roll —Bobby Bare Jr.
3. Flat Chested Girl From Maynardville —Bobby Bare Jr.
4. Sacred Heart —Deadstring Brothers
5. Amy —Ryan Adams
6. A Little More Cocaine Please —Split Lip Rayfield
7. PB24SS —Split Lip Rayfield
8. Cha Cha Twist —Detroit Cobras
9. Castanets —Alejandro Escovedo
10. Thunderstorms & Neon Signs —Wayne Hancock
11. Miller, Jack & Mad Dog —Wayne Hancock
12. Over the Cliff —Old 97's
13. Dirty-Mouthed Flo —Robbie Fulks
14. Hit the Road —Scott H. Biram
15. Almost Thanksgiving Day —Graham Parker
16. Empty the Chamber —The Sadies
17. FLASH —The Sadies
18. Nashville Radio —Jon Langford
19. Over the Cliff —Jon Langford
20. Drinkin' & Flailin' —Scroat Belly
21. Hope is a Thing with Feathers —Trailer Bride
22. Life of a Fool —Paul Burch
23. Bad Girl She Used To Be —Paul Burch
24. Shake It and Break It -Devil In A Woodpile
25. Widowmaker —Jon Rauhouse
26. Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive —Kelly Hogan and Jon Rauhouse
27. Perfidia —Sally Timms and Jon Rauhouse
28. Rebel Rock Armageddon —The Riptones
29. Bring The Noise —The Unholy Trio
30. See Willy Fly By —Waco Brothers
31. Take Me To The Fires —Waco Brothers
32. Death of Country Music —Waco Brothers