Alt Country Not Alt Facts Sticker
Alt Country Not Alt Facts Sticker

Alt-Country Not Alt-Facts Sticker

$0.50 from every sticker donated to top rated, non-partisan, 501(c)(3) charitable organizations that work in the U.S. to conserve natural areas, improve their resources and infrastructures, and keep the wild in wilderness.

Bundle it with an Alt-Country Not Alt-Facts t-shirt! Or fly it on a flag!

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The t-shirts have been such a hit that we thought you might want to beautify your neighborhood with the message. 

While our pallid, stooped demeanors and often surly dispositions might suggest otherwise, we here at Bloodshot love us some Mother Nature. That fresh air stuff provides a much-needed restorative after all the days we spend hunched over our keyboards and the nights we spend in sweaty, dank clubs.

Protection of unique and pristine natural areas for the perpetual enjoyment of all began as a uniquely American idea. In these fraught times, when it seems no one can agree on anything, we can all come together in the interests of hiking in the mountains, gazing into canyons, kayaking in thrilling rivers or jumping into a refreshing swimming hole, watching the buffalo roam or just sitting in the woods, soaking it all in. And baby otters (baby otters: scientifically proven to be the cutest things ever).

While we’ve never particularly embraced the term “alt-country” (I mean, really, shouldn’t all that arena-rock-lite-crapola they play on country radio these days be called “alt-country?"), the prefix “alt” is getting thrown a lot these days, in ways good, bad and ugly.

So, we thought we’d play with it a bit and raise money for organizations that help keep America’s great outdoors great.  The design features cool stuff like skulls, cowboy boots, hats, likker bottles, stars, horseshoes and cacti, designed by our man Justin Hertner.

Black screen print on white 2.75" vinyl sticker