Alt Country Not Alt Facts Ladies T-Shirt
Alt Country Not Alt Facts

Alt-Country Not Alt-Facts Ladies T-Shirt

$10 from every shirt donated to top rated, non-partisan, 501(c)(3) charitable organizations who work to improve all our communities

Bundle it with an Alt-Country Not Alt-Facts sticker or order more stickers here.

Read the story of the design

While we’ve never particularly embraced the term “alt-country” (I mean, really, shouldn’t all that arena-rock-lite-crapola they play on country radio these days be called “alt-country?"), the prefix “alt” is getting thrown a lot these days, in ways good, bad and ugly.


So, we thought we’d play with it a bit and raise money for organizations that address important issues in our communities.   The design features cool stuff like skulls, cowboy boots, hats, likker bottles, stars, horseshoes and cacti, designed by Justin Hertner.