20th Anniversary Tote Bag

It's an age-old woe: buying so many Bloodshot albums at the record store that you can't possibly carry them home with your arms, so weary from flipping through countless stacks of all the "other stuff." Here's your solution: the Bloodshot 20th Anniversary tote bag, perfect for vinyl records...or groceries...or weapons...whatever needs a-totin'! 

We are firm believers that vinyl is the ultimate way to collect and listen to music. No offense to the digital big wigs out there; we're a bunch of nerdy luddites over here.

Red cotton tote bag adorned with #BS20 seal designed by Pete Klockau and the phrase, "You can't put your arms around an MP3. Long Live Vinyl." printed on the back with the Bloodshot Records logo. Limited edition.

¡Viva la vinyl!

Bloodshot Records 20th Anniversary BS20 Tote Bag
Bloodshot Records 20th Anniversary BS20 Tote Bag