BSHQ Fear Factor: Mystery Chinese Liquor Edition


February 13th, 2012 by Rami

For many years our label manager was one Steven Dube. He left the music racket in order to pursue his dream of being in the US Foreign Service.  We assume he is doing good.

After cushy postings in Milan, Italy and Seoul South, Korea, Steve now finds himself in Chengdu, China. He recently sent the office a big box of odd Chinese snacks.  Cucumber and Lemon Tea flavored Lay's potato chips, White Rabbit Brand creamy yogurt candies, "fruit" roll ups, and baby panda jerky (ok, we're kidding about that last one ... we think.)

He also sent a little white ceramic jug of some sort of whiskey with the request that during our weekly LCR game, we all do a shot and take a picture of our reaction.  It's the least we can do for him.

Here they are:

Some of the testimonials:

It tastes like moccasins

I'm getting more "feet" than "moccasins"

I've got the coffee jitters, but with an overall feeling of badness.

My hand is going numb and there are shooting pains in my arm

I can't see

I feel an odd stiffness in my neck

My throat is closing up.

It's got undertones of Pledge.

Oh, and the lingering aftertastes are quite unpleasant.

So, don't think it's all fun and games here.  We are suffering for our art ...

Send us something and we'll drink it!