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This is a unique release. (Most of) The Mekons together with Robbie Fulks, an album of songs organically written together, covered, or taken from traditionals, recorded in Jura, Scotland. 

Mekons and Robbie made a mini-documentary about the Scotland tour and the making of the album. It's worth a watch.

Folk-punk lifers The Mekons teamed up with Chicago’s musical polyglot Robbie Fulks for a month to record this limited-edition collection of rough sea shanties and mournful tales pulled from the fog of the bay and the fog of the local whiskey distillery

Full Description

As the story goes: Jura, an island off the coast of Scotland with more sheep than people, so bare and infertile the Vikings passed it by, is a place replete with longing, isolation and remote Gaelic oddness. It's where George Orwell went slighty mad and finished 1984.

It is also where folk-punk lifers The Mekons teamed up with Chicago’s musical polyglot Robbie Fulks for a month to record this limited-edition collection of rough sea shanties and mournful tales pulled from the fog of the bay and the fog of the local whiskey distillery. Here are songs to be whispered over a dung fire in a sparse peasant’s cottage, the incessant winds being your only constant companion, or to be sung while pounding the pint glass on the pub’s rail. Or, perhaps, to be wailed into the tempests beyond the cliffs, to wonder if they’ll ever be heard. The songs were organically written together, covered, or taken from traditionals and played by all of the assembled cast of musicians or by a select few.  Includes the re-working of the Mekons classic "Beaten and Broken," which, with Fulks at the vocal helm sounds, according to Rolling Stone "natural, if not a little dangerous."

The cycle of music crossing and re-crossing the Atlantic continues in wonderful and weird ways. 

From the rather hilarious liner notes written by Robbie Fulks, which kind of sums up the vibe of the time: "Maybe you've heard the long joke with the cowboy and the lesbian at the bar, where the lesbian tells the cowboy in great detail what she does as a lesbian, and then asks the cowboy what he does. He replies uncertainly, "I thought I was a cowboy..." Well, I thought I was a drunk. Then I met the Mekons. Their drunkenness approached the heroic, the hard-to-believe, a drunkenness as sky-reaching as the drifts of snow in nineteenth-century snow disaster stories or green groaning piles of turtles in Dr. Seuss. No day trip was so tight that multiple pub stops, starting about noon, couldn't be shoehorned in. No night ended without jugs of peaty brown swill upended, and no night ended as it decently should have. There was staggering, backslapping, laughing into tears, bobble-headed nods into unconsciousness, loss of motor function, and out-of-doors vomiting. But that was all me; the Mekons were so at one with liquor that, with a couple notable exceptions, no amount of it changed them."

Personnel: Robbie Fulks (vocals, guitar), Jon Langford (vocals, guitar, drums), Sally Timms (vocals), Rico Bell (guitar, vocals), Lu Edmonds (saz, vocals, harmonium), Susie Honeyman (violin)



Short Description
  • Very close to perfect, Jura is gleefully light-hearted one moment and unbearably tragic the next, making it one of the best releases from either artist in some time.

    — PopMatters
  • An air of freedom and rejuvenation runs through these folk, country and Gaelic-inspired sides, whether the material be playfully theatrical or hauntingly real.

    — Uncut UK
  • The album exudes the salty air of the conditions it was recorded in, which makes it a success on that level. How much your tastes lean towards undiluted, traditional Brit folk will gauge your enjoyment for this batch of unadulterated music in that genre, played and conceived with the purest of intentions.

    — American Songwriter
  • The sea shanty, like the American drinking song, and like the punk anthem, is music to sing with other people. The album sounds like a house party rather than a concert. One can easily imagine the live show, a tiny bar or kitchen, filled to the brim, everyone in the audience belting out the lyrics back at the band.

    — Exclaim
  • The history of American folk music reaches back to Anglo song traditions, so Jura’s strengths reside in capturing those sounds and modernizing them.

    — Paste
  • A record that captures the feeling of restless freedom dangling above great instability. With lots of whiskey thrown in for good measure.

    — Rolling Stone

Track List

  1. A Fearful Moment
  2. Refill
  3. An Incident Off St. Kitt's
  4. Shine on Silver Seas
  5. Land Ahoy!
  6. Beaten and Broken
  7. Getting on with It
  8. I Am Come Home
  9. The Last Fish in the Sea
  10. I Say, Hang Him!
  11. Go from My Window


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