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Fantastic Exene Interview

Here's a grand interview with Exene Cervenka from the The Sunbreak in Seattle.  She talks about working with Ray Manzarek of the Doors, how X would jam to Carl Perkins tunes early on, why record stores are important, what her favorite albums are and so much more.  It's a great, informative read and, as we keep mentioning, that's getting rarer and rarer in the blogosphere.  There's even this little snippet that made us blush (for the record, we did NOT pay her to say this, or threaten her in any way.)

"Tell me a little about your relationship with Bloodshot Records. They're very akin spiritually to the vibe you've always been on."

Exene: "That's the first time I've ever heard of a record label being accused of spirituality--they're usually considered heartless bastards that everyone hates [laughs]. But not in the case of Bloodshot. Spirituality, indeed. They asked me to do a record, and I was thrilled to death, because I love Bloodshot Records, and they've been nothing but good to me. They really have worked hard. Everyone who works there is smart, intuitive, caring. I've done a couple of South-by-Southwests since I've been on Bloodshot. They just work their asses off to get this music out. They really believe in what they're doing, and they're awesome. Best label I've ever been on."

Record Store Day Round Up

Last Saturday was Record Store Day, and by all accounts it was a rousing success all across the country.  Perhaps folks are coming to a greater realization that shopping for records is WAY more fun than downloading a bunch of ones and zeroes onto their hard drives in the bubble of their bedroom or office.

Several Bloodshot folks participated with in-store performances.  Here  are some field reports from the bands, fans and store owners.


Read full piece

Stupid Icelandic Volcano

You know, this indie music racket is a tough one.  We struggle, we plan, we do everything we can to mitigate all the travails that are heaped upon our artists in their tour vans.  Blown tires, shot transmissions, snowstorms, unscrupulous promoters, commercial indifference, bird flu, plagues, hangovers, faulty Mapquest directions, stalkers, and a hundred other factors have reared their ugly heads to disrupt tours.

But a VOLCANO?  In Iceland?  ICELAND?

That's a new one on us.  However, it is our duty to inform our European buddies that the Dex Romweber Duo has had to cancel their upcoming run through Spain and France due to the chaos in the air thanks to that F***ING Icelandic volcano eruption.

We're sorry about that (to the extent that we had anything to do with magma shooting out from the center of the earth...) We're gonna try to get them back as soon as we can.

As of this writing, the DRD are still planning on making their festival date in Kilkenny IRELAND.  But that could all change.  Maybe they'll hit by a meteor or something, who knows?


I Need That Record!

Just in time for Record Store Day—the DVD release of the independent documentary, "I Need That Record! The Death (and Possible Survival) of the Independent Record Store" featuring Ian MacKaye, Thurston Moore, Mike Watt ... and Rob from Bloodshot! You can pick up the DVD exclusively at independent record stores starting tomorrow. For more information, visit:


We never like to bore you with the ins and outs of this weird little business.  Suffice to say that sometimes we run out of a title and call it out of print.   Then, years later, a distributor (usually some European partner cleaning out their warehouse after they go out of business or something) and they send back things to us we thought we'd never see again.

So it was this week.

ACT FAST, we now have a very limited number of three titles, two of which have been out of print for YEARS, and one LP that disappeared off the shelves in short order after its release last year:


JON RAUHOUSE  Steel Guitar Air Show CD

GRIEVOUS ANGELS Angels and Inbreds CD-EP (man, this one's been unavailable since the Clinton Administration....)

Rosie Flores done broke her arm

Ain't that the way of the world?  Just before hitting the road to do some dates with Jon Langford, Rosie had a bit of an accident at home and broke her arm.  For an amazing guitar player, a broken arm is a bit of a problem.

Thus, she has had to cancel this week's shows in the midwest.  Jon Langford will soldier on in Berwyn and Springfield, but alas St Louis will have to wait.

Dates in May we're gonna see about.  Stay tuned.

Sorry about that.  We'll get her back to Chicago and St Louis and beyond as soon as she can feed herself again.

JTE does The Boss!

As part of the AV Club's Undercover series, Justin Townes Earle had his pick of 25 songs to cover—he chose Bruce Springsteen's "Atlantic City." Check it out:

Just Another Friday...

Ah, Springtime in Chicago.  Time for Baseball, flowers and.....unlicensed tree-trimming!

Several of us just spent an amusing/horrifying half hour looking out the window of our little warehouse.  Next to us, between the vacant lot and the Ecuadorian restaurant, there was a large, mostly dead tree surrounded by all manner of wires, fences and US.

We couldn't believe it as they leaned ladders against the very tree they were cutting down, the puny ropes used for "stability" giving us little comfort.  We half expected it all to come crashing down on us, obliterating the warehouse and those of us unable to tear our eyes away, reducing our little empire to a footnote in the next Pitchfork posting.

After some Three Stooges-level sawing and pointing and kibbitzing, the tree made a stomach curdling cracking noise, pulled down some wires, made the telephone poles wobble drunkenly, and crashed down AWAY from us, into the solid brick wall of the auto parts store.

Just another day in the life of a little label.  It's not all fun, you know.  It can be dangerous.

We just wanted to share.


After their horrific van crash in September last year, TSYGC has been busy healing and re-habbing and more healing.  Recently, though, they've started practicing again with an eye on performances in June.  Read THIS story on their progress and their health care triumphs and tribulations in the Chicago Tribune.

Free Graham Parker MP3!

When you purchase tickets to GP's April 16 show at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ, Ticketweb will send you an MP3 for the song "1st Responder," off Graham's lastest release, Imaginary Television.



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