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Al Kaline

Bloodshot Rob's a lifelong Tiger fan. Growing up he thought Al Kaline was so revered the world over that they named alkaline batteries after him. Seriously.

Some nights, when he has trouble sleeping, he, rather than counting sheep, still imagines getting an urgent phone call from the Tigers manager asking if he'd be able to fill at first base in a pinch---they need his scrappy ability to hit to all fields AND it's a spot where being a lefty is an advantage! AND he hates Cal "The Streak" Ripken for stealing undue shortshop attention---big deal, I show up to work everyday and no one cares, so do most people---from MUCH DESERVED Hall of Famer Alan Trammell.

Go Get 'em Tigers!

To celebrate the joy in his heart with his team in the World Series, we're offering 10% off any Paypal order while the series lasts.

That's right, any order for any amount. We'll refund 10% of it to your Paypal account. You just have to name your favorite Tiger and why in the special instructions section.

Act fast! Cuz if the Giants end up winning, he may demand Bay Area residents pay 50% MORE for their orders.  AND he'll take his rage and torment out on his poor employees.

Game 1 postscript: Sigh.  Maybe I'll dress up as Valverde for Halloween and just let everyone hit me.

Game 2 postcript: Ugh.  My head is starting to hurt.  Prince Fielder slides with all the grace of a man falling down the stairs...

Game 3 postscript: TWO F'ING SHUTOUTS IN A ROW?  Way to make SF pitchers look like Koufax wrapped in Clemens and sprinkled with Maddux.

Game 4 postscript: Spent most of evening cleaning TV of all the Thai food i was throwing at screen.

Game 5 postscript:  Oh wait.  Nevermind.  That's what I get for caring...

Maybe Prince Fielder and Alex Rodriguez can give each other hitting tips on whatever diamond encrusted vacation island they'll be at this winter.  Where's Chet Lemon when you need him?


An End of Tour Message from JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound

From JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound.  No rest for the soulfully wicked:

"Oct 21st in Baltimore was officially the last show of the Want More tour which started in September of 2011 and rolled through October, 20th 2012! Thanks for supporting a great run!!

As of today the band is working towards the new recordings and a new release. We are looking forward to rocking this new record with you right on through 2013.

The Metro show on 11/21/12 in Chicago will feature almost all new music except for a few of the Want More 'hits' and a couple of JCBUS Favs.

Hope you can all make it out"


Cory Branan / Revival Tour in Europe!

Cory Tour Bus

Cory Branan
is just one of the few Bloodshot bands currently or about to hit up European roads (just check out the tour dates for Ha Ha Tonka, Lydia Loveless and Scott H Biram) -- he's currently across the pond as part of the European leg of the very popular Revival Tour. You can follow Cory's overseas adventures via his Twitter -- or try to hit up a show yourself!

(Pictured above: Cory's home on the road for the next five weeks)

Firewater: Rescheduled EU tour dates and new video!

Tod Hospital

As we mentioned earlier this week, Firewater's Tod A suffered a fall after a sold-out show in Istanbul and had to have immediate knee surgery. The tour dates for the month were cancelled, but we're happy to report Tod is on the mend and the cancelled tour stops have been already been rescheduled for early 2013:

21.02.2013 FR - Paris, Petit Bain
27.02.2013 IT - Milan, Magnolia
01.03.2013 AT - Ebensee, KV Kino Ebensee
03.03.2013 AT - Graz, PPC
04.03.2013 AT- Vienna, Szene
05.03.2013 CZ - Prague, Rock Cafe
06.03.2013 DE - Bielefeld, Forum
07.03.2013 DE - Regensburg, Alte Mälzerei
08.03.2013 AT - Steyr, Kulturhaus Röda
09.03.2013 DE - Lindau, Club Vaudeville
12.03.2013 DE - Berlin, Lido
13.03.2013 DE - Bremen, Tower
14.03.2013 DE - Cologne, Underground
15.03.2013 DE - Stuttgart, Universum

To whet your appetite until then, here's the brand new, superbly animated video for "A Little Revolution," the first single off the new album, International Orange!:


KIller Rosie Flores Press Right out of the Gate

Tuesday was RELEASE DAY for Rosie Flores' new album Working Girl's Guitar.  We celebrated in the office by cranking the sucker up and prancing about in our snazziest cowboy boots and drinking Lone Star beer.  Well, it was  actually beat up tennis shoes and some of JP's fine homemade brew, but still...

Anyway, the writerly types out there have already taken a shine to it.

We've pulled some of the coolest quotations and put them on the album page, but if you want to read the full length, more in-depth examinations of this fine record, dig into some of the best:

The Oxford American

Cool Album of the Day


Saving Country Music

We hope these'll convince you to pick it up..



FIREWATER tour Postponed!

Alas, we regret to inform all our friends and Firewater fans in Europe that the much anticipated tour in support of their new album International Orange has been postponed.

After a fabulous homecoming concert in Instanbul, following the first Firewater US tour in four years----and dang it was fun, Tod slipped on a cobblestone and broke his kneecap. Not a very rocknroll injury, but there you have it.

They are putting a pin in his knee, which has to be immobilized for several weeks in order to heal properly.  He is EXTREMELY disappointed about this.  We are working on substitute dates for February and March.  We'll keep you posted as they are confirmed.


Bloodshot + Rolling Stone

A confluence of Rolling Stone content and BS artists today.

First, HERE'S a piece on Justin Townes Earle producing Wanda Jackson's new album Unfinished Business, which was released yesterday.  We here at BS are no strangers to the majesty that is WANDA.  Why, we even put together a tribute record to her.

Second, Jack White debuted his new video "I'm Shakin" on Rolling  See it HERE. Our own Maggie Bjorklund is on pedal steel (you don't see much of her, but she pops up here and there---like at 2:23).   The song is an old Little Willie John tune that Bloodshot Rob was first hipped to by the Blasters.  Check that out HERE.

And, if you wanna play the Kevin Bacon Degrees of Separation game, Little Willie John (who also wrote "Fever") also came up with the scorcher "Leave My Kitten Alone" that our own Detroit Cobras covered on their Tied & True album


Dex Romember and Athens, GA

The mid-80s documentary about the legendary Athens, GA music scene of the time, Athens, GA: Inside/Out, has been given the re-release treatment with a new DVD and CD soundtrack. Featuring local legends like The B-52s and REM, the documentary also turns its lens onto Flat Duo Jets, which features the legit guitar god Dex Romweber. We have the good fortune of having a few copies of the Flat Duo Jets' seminal LP, Go Go Harlem Baby, in our warehouse for sale—so make your next weekend, a Romweberian one ... pick up Inside/Out and then put Go Go Harlem Baby on your record player.

Why, you ask, should I care?  THIS is why. Unhinged, epochal live performances, is why.

ROGER KNOX & the Pine Valley Cosmonauts playing US DATES

Knox PosterHEADS UP!

Roger Knox, the Black Elvis, the Koori King of Country, has his visa in hand and is coming to the USA from Down Under to play a few dates. The last time he tried to come over a few years ago, the US government denied him entry.

This may be the ONLY CHANCE you'll get to see the man, so DON'T MISS IT!

Read all about his collaboration with Jon Langford and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts HERE. It features Will Oldham, the Sadies, Kelly Hogan, Dave Alvin, Andre Williams and many others.

This is an important record, friends and we want you all to welcome Roger to our land.

Oct 5th in SAN FRANCISCO at Swedish American Hall a special acoustic performance at Swedish American Hall at 8:30 with Jon Langford, Sally Timms and Walter Salas-Humara of the Silos

Oct 6th in SAN FRANCISCO at the HARDLY STRICTLY BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL at 11am Star Stage w/ The Sadies, Sally Timms, Jon Langford

OCT 10TH in MADISON WI at The Frequency w/ the Waco Brothers, Sally Timms

OCT 11TH in CHICAGO at Old Town School of Folk Music w/ The Waco Brothers, Sally Timms


Rosie Flores on NPR's Weekend Edition discussing Janis Martin

ROSIE FLORES will discuss the late rockabilly legend JANIS MARTIN and Janis' just-released final album The Blanco Sessions on NPR's Weekend Edition with host Rachel Martin this Sunday, September 30 at 9:45 a.m eastern time


Janis Martin was one of the few female recording artists working in the male-dominated rockabilly field in the 1950s. Nicknamed "the female Elvis" for her dance moves, the Sutherland, Va. native, born in 1940, recorded a number of singles for RCA Victor and Pallette from 1956 to 1961. Her first single, "Will You Willyum" b/w "Drugstore Rock n Roll" (covered by Rosie on her upcoming album Working Girl's Guitar), sold more than 750,000 copies, landing her national TV appearances. In 1960, her husband demanded she leave music. But she returned in the '70s, and in 1995 made a guest appearance on Rosie Flores' Rockabilly Filly album.

It's here that the saga of Janis Martin's farewell album, The Blanco Sessions, began. The Blanco Sessions, produced by Flores and Bobby Trimble, was released on Cow Island Music on September 18, 2012.



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