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Rosie Flores Opened for CCR as a teen?

The press continues sending us mash notes over Rosie Flores' new album Working Girl's Guitar.

The Austin (TX) Chronicle and Yahoo Music did a full on interviews/ features with her, full of in depth history about her career, as well as Rosie's pivotal role in bringing Wanda Jackson and Janis Martin out of retirement (read the Chronicle's review of the Rosie-produced, posthumously released Janis record HERE).

And, being long time Rosie freaks, we thought we knew it all, BUT in the Austin piece, she talks about how her teenage band opened for the Turtles and Creedence Clearwater Revival! Holy Shit!  That's pretty dang cool.


Waco Brothers & Paul Burch session on KDHX

On a rare jaunt out of Chicago, The Waco Brothers played St Louis and Nashville with Paul Burch to promote their recent album Great Chicago Fire. In St Louis, they stopped by super cool radio station KDHX and recorded live in the studio.

Listen to the aural fruits of their visit HERE.

Four songs from the album done LIVE!  All pretenses of polish and professionalism were tossed aside!



We are pleased to announce that a very special guest, The Wallflowers, will be appearing with Justin Townes Earle this Saturday night (November 10th) at The Capitol Theatre in PORT CHESTER NY on a bill that already includes Tift Merritt.

All profits from ticket sales will be donated to the American Red Cross to support their relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy victims. The Bowery Presents and The Capitol Theatre are proud to be a part of this effort to raise money to help those who need it the most.

Deano's Wine Store is Closing Up Shop! Buy WIne Now!

Cellar RatOur fave wine store, Cellar Rat, owned by one of our fave people, Deano (Waco Brothers, Dollar Store) is closing its doors on November 15th.  With the holidays fast approaching, it's the perfect time to run on down and stock up with quality curated libations.

From Deano:

"I'm sad to announce that I'll be closing the doors at Cellar Rat for good. Our last day of business will be November 15th. To be frank, I've been struggling for some time. With a poor economy and ever increasing competition for a slice of a smaller pie, it's time to move on. While the store has been quite a drain on me financially and physically, there is still much of the experience for which I'm so grateful. First and foremost, I'm grateful to YOU, my customers. You've provided my livelihood for 5 1/2 years. Your interest and enjoyment of the traditional styles of wine that are my passion has been invigorating to me. Many of you have become friends, which is priceless. I've also learned a lot about business and myself along the way. It's sad to see a dream not work out but this has been far from a loss. I'll go forward in life much better off and I owe you all a debt of gratitude for the part you played. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I have a personal favor to ask of any of you that are so inclined and in a position to do so. I'll be facing a huge deficit at the end of these 10 remaining days. If you have the need or inclination to stock up for the holidays or even just buy a bottle or two, please choose Cellar Rat. If you like the experience you've had buying wine here over the years and can send a little of your business my way one last time, I'd be very grateful. Any sales I can make before the inevitable "everything must go" pricing goes into effect will help me enormously. There's still a great selection of wine in the store. Obviously, that selection will dwindle as we wind down, so try to stop in during the next few days if you can. Feel free to call or email if you'd like me to put together a selection for you- be it a case of every day drinkers, wines for Thanksgiving or a few gift bottles for later in the holiday season.

I have been in retail wine sales most of my adult life. 22 years and counting. I'll likely end up somewhere doing the same very soon. If so, I'll let you know. I hope to be selling wine to at least some of you for many years to come.

A warm thanks again to everyone. Please stop in and say hello sometime between now and the 15th!



Update from the Storm Zone

November 6th:

Last week, we filled you in about a longtime Bloodshot family member who got nailed by SuperStorm Sandy in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Here are some updates, as well as ways you can help.

Spoke with co-owner Ben Schneider this morning while he was in line at the Lowe's getting a new set of breakers and another generator.  They are still without power and have been siphoning gas from vehicles (with willing owners, of course) to keep them running.  No sign of ComEd.

Spirits remain high, but all are tired, dirty and...did I mention tired?

In true Schneiderian form, he told me "if it weren't for the money, my kids and the employees' livelihoods, this would be great.  I like building the place more than I like running it."  Spoken like a true carpenter who hates having to wear clean clothes...

Thanks to your orders, we've been able to send them over $1200 to help take care of their employees at this time of great need. We'll keep it going!  As I suspected, they are using all funds to help employees with housing, food and other essentials as they all chip in to get the restaurant back in shape as quickly as possible.

For our Brooklyn/NYC friends, the Good Fork will be cooking at a pop up kitchen at the Skylark in Park Slope soon.  Stay tuned!

Also, if you are in the neighborhood, lend a hand, either literally or thru buying their aural treats, to our label heroes NORTON RECORDS, whose warehouse was wiped out by Sandy

Most people of taste and refinement have several Norton discs in their collections. I fault them for my love Hasil Adkins.

For our Chicagoland friends, the fabulously generous folks at SOUP & BREAD will be holding their weekly gathering at the Hideout on November 21st in support of the Good Fork

Come join us the day before Thanksgiving and hang with friends, eat soup prepared by all manner of cooks, listen to Bloodshot Rob DJ (he's making soup too!), and get out of the house before the holiday vise tightens too much.

Money raised will be used to directly help the Good Fork and their staff, as well as for the local organization aiding in rebuilding the community Restore Red Hook

Read THIS interview with them about the storm, the damage and the daunting task of re-building

We'll post more details and surprises as they are firmed up.

Thanks for helping.

xoxo Bloodshot




More Rosie Flores in the News

Rosie Flores' new album is out and the scribes be lovin' it.  AND she recently took part in the star-studded Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tribute to Chuck Berry.

Check out Rolling Stone calling her out:

"San Antonio rockabilly singer Rosie Flores was one of the most impressive acts of the evening, performing endearing, country-flavored takes on "No Particular Place to Go" and "You Never Can Tell." Flores was also the only performer brave enough to playfully attempt a duck walk."

Read the whole piece HERE

Also rolling in this week are:

--interview with Rosie in Exclaim (Canada).  Read it HERE

--interview in the Chicago Sun-Times.  Read it HERE
--interview in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  Read it HERE
--interview in CMT's The Edge regarding her work on the recent Janis Martin album. Read it HERE

--A fantastic review in PopMatters.  Read it HERE

FINALLY, and this might be a little insider baseball info for the average music geek, but Rosie's album debuted at #1 on the FAR Radio chart!!

To quote the timeless Austrailian philosopher Bon Scott, that's a Whole Lotta Rosie.

Hurricane Sandy and Bloodshot---How You Can Help

UPDATE November 2nd:

Having finally made contact with Ben & his wife, their house was spared by "only" having 2 feet of toxic soup in the basement.  However, the restaurant is pretty well wiped out.  The basement, with all its compressors, freezers, fridges, stockrooms, is a total loss and the main floor---that gorgeous room that Ben largely built himself modeled after a tiny place we went to in Montepulciano, Italy, many years ago---had water up to the table tops.  They will be closed, conservatively, for several weeks---a looong time for a small business.

The work is JUST beginning. Ben is lovingly described by his wife as being completely "smelly and gross."

In classic Ben fashion, here he pops up in a story in

"A couple of doors down, Ben Schneider who runs the Asian-crossover 
bistro Good Fork, has a table set up on the sidewalk from which he’s providing his neighbors and volunteers free coffee and bagels, as well as serving as a clearing house for generators, pumps and other vital equipment being shared along the street. “Red Hook is like a small town,” says Schneider. “It’s natural that we want to help each other and get through this together.” The water in his dining room reached near table top height, “but the basement, where pretty much everything happens in these restaurants, is finished.”

Back in the early days of Bloodshot---when we first started, when we were figuring out how this whole racket works (cuz we've got it SO figured out now…), I lived in the Roscoe Village and North Center neighborhoods of Chicago.  There were many late, LATE nights of writing, cutting and pasting catalogs and press releases (yes, cutting and pasting), listening to demos loudly, and lots and lots of bands flopping on our floors, sofas and any other horizontal surface whenever they came through town.

Some stayed for days and days.  Some, like Neko Case and Sally Timms, stayed for weeks and months.  Some ate all our food, drank anything and everything they could find and scratched my Ike & Tina Turner LPs.  There were late night Jart tournaments in the yard with the Old 97s (when Jarts are outlawed, only Outlaws have Jarts!),  a late night Xmas dance party with Kelly Hogan and the Sadies to tunes on my jukebox, lots of BBQs with the Meat Purveyors, "beer sampling evenings" (i.e. "benders") with Moonshine Willy, Trailer Bride and the Grievous Angels, and hundreds and hundreds of shows.  Only Kelly bothered to help with the dishes, by the way.

My housemate through those days, Ben Schneider, not only put up with it, but reveled in it.  Ben's got that gift, that charisma (that I can only WISH I had) that makes people feel right at home.  A generosity of energy and spirit that turned bands and artists into friends. He was as much a part of BS in Chicago as Nan, myself and the musicians in those days--a constant presence at Lounge Ax, Schubas', the Empty Bottle. He was the Hideout's dancing fool every Tuesday night at the Devil in a Woodpile shows. He'd make b'fast and coffee in the mornings,  find places to stay for folks in NYC, find a guy who could fix an amp or a van's tail light and provide a welcome port in the touring storm. He also made it easier for me to plunge into this endeavor no matter the obstacles because I knew that at every ¾ empty venue or failed in-store there was at least one endlessly supportive and upbeat friend at my side, ready for a beer or a 3am slice of pizza. 

In 2001, Ben moved back to his native NYC and, shortly thereafter, to the Red Hook section of Brooklyn.  At the time, Red Hook seemed like the post-apocalyptic end of the earth.  Barren.  Remote.  Undeterred, he and his genius chef wife Sohui built a restaurant, The Good Fork, and kick started the revitalization of the neighborhood.  Watch her kick Bobby Flay's ass making dumplings HERE.

The Good Fork, and the tireless energy and vision and good nature that Ben brought to the early days of Bloodshot, carried over to this once forgotten part of NYC.  All sorts of bars and restaurants, many owned by friends or former employees of Ben ---Fort Defiance and the Bait & Tackle to name two---have appeared and thrived in the past decade.  And, if one of our bands hit the city, well, you can be sure they were treated like Sinatra at the restaurant.  The born-to-be-a-host would make an off-day on tour a special night, and he'd usually pick up the tab, or ask for some embarrassingly small pittance in return.

This week, the superstorm/hurricane/Frankenstorm Sandy ground the neighborhood to a soggy, stinking pulp. The businesses along Van Brunt Street---the main vein of Red Hook---sustained heavy, heavy damage, including The Good Fork.  Ben's house was also greatly impacted, though, fortunately, he, his wife and two young children evacuated and are safe.  We're still waiting for word on just HOW bad it is, and how long they will be shuttered.  Being a fellow small business owner and knowing the challenges inherent to such things—even when things are going well, I ache to think of how difficult the coming days and weeks and months will be.

For the past 24 hours, people from all over the BS family have been contacting us looking for ways to help.  In the short term, I'd like to appeal to our fans.  I know that folks are eager to help out in whatever small ways they can, and in a specific manner.

Thus, order ANYTHING from our site  and we'll donate 10% of the order total  to the re-building effort AND we'll match it.

I strongly suspect, from what I know of the guy, Ben will humbly turn down the offer, and, if so, we'll funnel the money raised to a Red Hook specific organization aiding in the recovery of the area.  Think of it as a BENefit...

I realize this storm has touched millions and this might seem like a drop in the bucket, so to speak, but efforts like this put a face on the vast facelessness of a disaster and, for me, provide comfort and the ability to affect some progress.  Bloodshot fans are, in my experience, good-hearted people appreciative of independent businesses and what they bring to their lives and communities.   If this  specific effort does not appeal to you, then I ask simply that you find another way, like the Red Cross or other local organizations with boots on the ground




Chicago Zombies by JP

Hey boys and ghouls! As a trick-or-treat for our favorite holiday here at BSHQ, here are some of the spookiest cuts from our catalog:


1. Trailer Bride, "Graveyard"
From the album, Smelling Salts

2. The Blacks, "Horrorshow"
From the album, Dolly Horrorshow

3. Gore Gore Girls, "Voodoo Doll"
From the album, Get The Gore

4. The Meat Purveyors, "I Have A Devil In Me"
From the album, All Relationships Are Doomed To Fail

5. Wee Hairy Beasties, "The Lonely Vampire"
From the album, Holidays Gone Crazy


Firewater's Tod A This Week's Guest Editor at Magnet Magazine

Tune in all this week for a series of posts from Firewater's main man Tod A.  Magnet Magazine's tapped him as the guest editor.

There's also a Q & A about the new record International Orange.

Read all about it HERE, starting off with his Travel Essentials.

End of the Week Tidbits

Wow, it's the end of the day!  The end of the week!  Crazy day AND everyone's putting together their Big Bird Halloween costumes.

So we're combining news bits, sue us (not really, please).

First, check out THIS full on feature and interview with Rosie Flores in Guitar World

It's got stories about the songs, her career and all the geeky gear talk guitarists lapse into at the drop of AND a couple of embedded videos.

"From rollicking down and dirty fun to touching, heartfelt song, Working Girl’s Guitar is Rosie to the core. Sassy, classy and ready to kick ass-y (Did I really say that!?). It’s Rosie’s fault. She’s got me all riled up."

NEXT: Graham Parker's interview in SLATE magazine HERE.  GP talks about making a movie with Judd Apatow, the Rumour reunion and Glenn Beck.  At least he didn't make a movie with Glenn Beck.  There's some embedded video of some vintage Rumour ("Local Girls") and some streaming new music.

FINALLY, after frequent and persistant (but well-meaning) badgering by lots of you folks, we got in new printings of the FIREWATER LOGO T and the LYDIA LOVELESS Gasoline Logo T's for your sartorial needs.

Carry on with your weekend,






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