We're Releasing a Six Pack of Drinkin Song 7" Singles! Hear Deer Tick's Song Via Stereogum!


November 12th, 2015 by bsradmin

On Dec. 4th we're releasing a six pack of drinkin' song 7" singles! To celebrate our 21st birthday! 

For the collection, our pals in Deer Tick covered The Pogues' "If I Should Fall From Grace with God" (!!!!!), and you can hear it now on Stereogum! Pre-order the set here.

Packaged in a SUPER COOL custom six pack carton with handle so you can carry it to your next BYOB shindig. Includes digital download card. 

Full track list: 

Disc 1: Banditos “Askin For Disaster” (Bad Lovers cover) b/w Bad Lovers “Still Sober (After All These Beers)” (Banditos cover)
Disc 2: Deer Tick “If I Should Fall From Grace With God” (Pogues cover) b/w The Yawpers “3 Days Sober”
Disc 3: Dale Watson “The Bottle Never Let Me Down” b/w JP Harris “Drink Up and Be Somebody” (Merle Haggard cover)
Disc 4: Robert Pollard (Guided By Voice) “Drinker’s Peace” b/w Bobby Bare, Jr. “One Bed, Two Girls, Three Bottles of Wine” (co-written with Hayes Carll)
Disc 5: Kelly Hogan & Nora O’Connor are Lady Parts “Me, Myself & Wine” (Ron Sexsmith cover) b/w Joe Pug “This Our Hour”
Disc 6: Elizabeth Cook “Too Drunk to Fuck” (Dead Kennedys cover) b/w Al Scorch “Six Pack” (Black Flag cover)

First 500 copies feature special 7th single featuring Chicago favorites Devil in a Woodpile and Tijuana Hercules...we call it a CHICAGO 6 PACK!