We're Reissuing Old 97s' Classic 1995 Album 'Wreck Your Life' on Deluxe Vinyl LP!


November 11th, 2016 by bsradmin

We're reissuing the Old 97's 1995 classic album Wreck Your Life on 180-gram vinyl LP. Shipping next week! Pre-order here. 

This is the first time this seminal record will be available on vinyl as a standalone release. Wreck Your Life documents a band hitting its stride, the confidence growing as quickly as the crowds, and it holds up beautifully. Forebears like the Everlys and Simon and Garfunkel that we were too stupid or young or hungover from sweaty shows to recognize at the time shine even brighter now, alongside the more energetic, obvious influences that drew a line from the House of Cash to the alley behind legendary Chicago punk club Lounge Ax.