Watch Carlene Carter, Neko Case, Robbie Fulks, Murder By Death, and More Artists with Their Adorable Dogs in the New Bottle Rockets Music Video


November 23rd, 2015 by bsradmin

Bloodshot's Thanksgiving present to you! When the turkey's dry, but your racist old uncle's glass is always wet, when the everyone's talking about the other, more SUCCESSFUL sibling, or when a battle royale is waging over the TV remote, football versus Dancing with the Stars, the Bottle Rockets new video "Dog" is something everyone can agree on:  cute dogs.

That's right: The Bottle Rockets' instantly classic song "Dog" now has an equally heartwarming music video! Watch the band and their musical friends (including Carlene Carter, Chuck Ragan, Neko Case, Murder By Death, Robbie Fulks, Ha Ha Tonka, Cory Branan, Scott H. Biram, Freakwater, Kelly Hogan, and more!) hangin' with their respective pooches on The A.V. Club!