Update from the Storm Zone


November 5th, 2012 by Rami

November 6th:

Last week, we filled you in about a longtime Bloodshot family member who got nailed by SuperStorm Sandy in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Here are some updates, as well as ways you can help.

Spoke with co-owner Ben Schneider this morning while he was in line at the Lowe's getting a new set of breakers and another generator. They are still without power and have been siphoning gas from vehicles (with willing owners, of course) to keep them running. No sign of ComEd.

Spirits remain high, but all are tired, dirty and...did I mention tired?

In true Schneiderian form, he told me "if it weren't for the money, my kids and the employees' livelihoods, this would be great. I like building the place more than I like running it." Spoken like a true carpenter who hates having to wear clean clothes...

Thanks to your orders, we've been able to send them over $1200 to help take care of their employees at this time of great need. We'll keep it going! As I suspected, they are using all funds to help employees with housing, food and other essentials as they all chip in to get the restaurant back in shape as quickly as possible.

For our Brooklyn/NYC friends, the Good Fork will be cooking at a pop up kitchen at the Skylark in Park Slope soon. Stay tuned!

Also, if you are in the neighborhood, lend a hand, either literally or thru buying their aural treats, to our label heroes NORTON RECORDS, whose warehouse was wiped out by Sandy

Most people of taste and refinement have several Norton discs in their collections. I fault them for my love Hasil Adkins.

For our Chicagoland friends, the fabulously generous folks at SOUP & BREAD will be holding their weekly gathering at the Hideout on November 21st in support of the Good Fork

Come join us the day before Thanksgiving and hang with friends, eat soup prepared by all manner of cooks, listen to Bloodshot Rob DJ (he's making soup too!), and get out of the house before the holiday vise tightens too much.

Money raised will be used to directly help the Good Fork and their staff, as well as for the local organization aiding in rebuilding the community Restore Red Hook

Read THIS interview with them about the storm, the damage and the daunting task of re-building

We'll post more details and surprises as they are firmed up.

Thanks for helping.

xoxo Bloodshot