True Bloodshot: Season 2, Episode 2


June 22nd, 2009 by Rami

True Bloodshot

Each week, we'll (well, Miss Jenny will) recap the latest episode of the Southern vampire serial, True Blood, and follow it up with some True Bloodshot -- a playlist of Bloodshot (and some non-Bloodshot) songs that we think would nicely complement this TV series with a bite. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Season 2: Episode 2
"Keep This Party Going"

Welcome, Trubies, to another installment of True Bloodshot. Let's see what's happening this week with all our friends in Bon Temps shall we?

LAFAYETTE: We find out why Lafayette has been captured. Sheriff Eric (with a HOT new haircut) is trying to find leads into the disappearance of Goddrick, the Sheriff of Area 9 in Texas, who is apparently twice as old, and thus twice as powerful, than Eric. When asked if he'd ever dealt V over state lines, Lafayette replies affirmatively, ponying up the only information he has -- an email address: When Lafayette can't offer up any more information, and thus becoming worthless to the vampires' immediate needs, he begs to stay alive. Well, dead-alive. Lafayette asks Eric to make him a go-go dancing vampire. Eric says he'll take it into consideration, but the last we see of Lafayette, he's being fed on by Eric and his friends. Has L's season two already come to an end?

JASON STACKHOUSE: We catch up with Jason as he heads to the Light Of Day Leadership Conference. On the bus ride to church camp, Jason meets the Lukeinator (né Luke McDonald) a former Texas A&M football player who thinks he's found his true calling. But the quick friendship turns competitive as Jason becomes the golden boy of the conference -- During a game of Capture the Flag, he inspires Rev Steve with his athleticism, and, as I predicted last week, he inspires the Reverend's wife Sarah, with his golden abs. But Jason's conflicted. For the first time in his adult life, he's admired and looked up to by his new friends in the Fellowship of the Sun (well, with perhaps the exception of the Lukeinator) -- however, Jason is haunted by his involvement in the murder of last season's guest vampire Stephen Root, with whom he seemed to have genuine bond.

MARY ANN: We still don't know what the fuck Mary Ann's deal is. She shows up to Merlotte's, proceeds to order two of everything off the menu, and casts some sort of Dionysian spell which has the post-rodeo dinner crowd gyrating and humping each other all over the dining room. Anyway, this ticks Sam off, but when he confronts Mary Ann, she turns him into a dog, threatening to expose his secret to the entire town if he gets in her way again.

SOOKIE, BILL AND JESSICA: Meanwhile, it's proving to be three's a crowd at the Compton Estate for Sookie, Bill the Vampire and Bill's teenaged vamp, Jessica. Sookie's worried that Jessica can hear her and Bill's love making, while Bill's concerned that Jess' schoolgirl goth makes her look ... slatternly. As such, Bill heads to Forever 21 to find Jess a more conservative wardrobe (totally true -- and totally adorbs!), and Sookie uses the girl time to bond with her step-Vamp. Through tears of blood, Jessica admits she misses her parents and convinces Sookie to drive by her parents' house to take one last look at her family. Sookie agrees, only if Jessica promises to never tell Bill. Oh, really, Sookie? Cos I seem to remember you lecturing Bill last week for keeping secrets. Ugh. Anyway, Sookie learns soon enough that her secret won't be safe when Jessica leaves the car to reunite with her mom and her sister Eden (Eden. Hmm. As in Garden of Eden?). Delighted her daughter has returned, Mom invites Jessica in (oops). Sookie follows, and soon they're all having tea and sandwiches in the living room while they wait for daddy to come home.

SIDE NOTE: While in the living room, Sookie tells Eden she's pretty, and Eden replies, "No, I'm not pretty; I've got a problem with hair." One: Either poor lil' Eden is being picked on for being ginger like her sister, or Two: Eden's problem with hair is of the Pre-Teen Wolf variety. Stay tuned.

Dad arrives home from work and Jessica decides to show her family who's the new boss by fanging out. Just as she's about to feed on daddy dearest, Bill breaks through the front door, stops the assault, tells Sookie to shut up to leave, and lets her know that he's here to "clean up [Sookie's] mess." And as we cut to credits, the fate of the Hamby Household is in question.

So, True Bloodshotters, who do you think lives, dies and re-lives next week?

Here's your True Bloodshot for this week:

Andre coverAndre Williams, "Lily White Mama"
From the album, Jet Black Daddy 7''

What Williams wrote about interracial relationships back in the 60s, could very well apply to the tensions towards human-vampire relations ... no?

Eck CoverSteve Eck, "Buried Bones"
From the album, Syrup Song
Download the entire album at: Rock Proper

Listen to TRUE BOODSHOT on Imeem! We'll add to this playlist throughout the year -- so by season's end, you'll have a full soundtrack of True Blood-y goodness!