True Bloodshot: Season 2, Episode 1


June 16th, 2009 by Rami

True Bloodshot

Each week, we'll (well, Miss Jenny will) recap the latest episode of the Southern vampire serial, True Blood, and follow it up with some True Bloodshot -- a playlist of Bloodshot (and non-Bloodshot) songs that we think would nicely complement this TV series with bite (And, the True Blood music supervisors may also agree -- we've had a few of of our artists already featured on the show!). Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Season 2: Episode 1
"Nothing But The Blood"

We start Season Two where Season One left off -- there's a dead body in the back of Detective Andy Bellefleur's car. Shit! Well, everyone's thinking that it's last season's favorite V-dealing, homosexual prostitute, Lafayette -- cos that's what happens in the books -- but instead the dead body in the car is that of Miss Jeanette, the pharmacy clerk-cum-Marie Laveau wannabe who performed exorcisms on Tara and her mum. Hallelujah! Lafayette is not dead! But who ripped the heart out of Miss Jeanette?

Over at the Compton compound, Bill the Vampire is laying down the house rules to his new roommate, Jessica, a 17-year-old newbie vamp that Bill had to turn as penance for killing a fellow vampire last season. Rule one: Don't eat human guests. Rule two: We recycle at Bill's house. Paper goes in the white bin; plastic and glass in the blue one.

Anyway, Sookie arrives at Bill's house to find a hot, teenaged vampire in the house and is pissed: "How am I aver supposed to trust you, if you keep something like that from me?" Well, shit, Sookie, the dude has been dead-alive for about 140 years, I'm sure he's not telling you EVERYTHING. If I had a vampire boyfriend, I'd let certain things slide.

Meanwhile, we learn the fate of Lafayette -- he's chained up in a dark basement, where he and other prisoners must turn a giant gear. Why? Who knows. We do find out that the giant gear belongs to Vampire Chief Eric, and Lafayette is being held in the basement of Fangtasia.

The last episode of Season One also introduced us to Mary Ann, a woman who first appears to us naked in the middle of the road standing next to a pig, and causes an approaching Tara to crash her car into a tree. Tara's arrested for drunk driving (I've tried the "But there was a naked woman standing in the middle of the road next to a pig" line before to get out of a DUI -- it doesn't work), and Mary Ann comes to bail her out, posing as a kind-of social worker. Tara's been living with Mary Ann and her other pet project, Benedict AKA "Eggs," the past few weeks, trying to get her life together.

Well, we find out that Mary Ann and bar-owner Sam the Shapeshifter have a past -- she took a teenage Sam's virginity in the most freaky way, and as Mary Ann is showering after the deed, Sam robs her of her jewelry and a stack of cash found in a drawer. Sam thinks that, years later, Mary Ann is back to claim the stolen money, but she rejects the payback Sam offers her. So, what does Mary Ann want? Apparently, she wants to facilitate a hook-up between Eggs and Tara, cos she gets pissed at anyone who gets in the way of that happening. Personally, I think this entire plotline is dumb, but I'll probably be proven wrong by season's end.

While all this is going on, Jason Stackhouse has been freed from jail and has found Jesus Christ. He hooks up with the Fellowship of the Sun, a Pro-living church led by a Plasticine couple, Reverend Steve Newlin and his wife Sarah. By season's end, Rev Steve will be fucking vampires, and Sarah will be fucking Jason in some sort of Law and Order "ripped from the headlines" plot line. Gu-ran-teed.

Now back to the ballad of Sookie and Bill. So, Sookie's still a little sore at Bill about not telling him about the teenaged vamp in his house, but they're on OK terms. But then Sookie finds out Bill, in order to rebound from that whole burning-in-the-sun episode he had while trying to save her life, fed on the man who molested her as a child -- her Uncle Bartlett. Well, Sookie's pissed once again (cos apparently feeding on your childhood molesting relative is a big no-no) and is prepared to leave, but Bill intercepts her with an "I love you." Sookie no longer remembers why she was angry, and the two go upstairs to make love on Bill's impeccable, white bed linens. He bites her, and kisses her with a mouthful of blood -- totally hot -- but some of it spills down her face. Which brings me to the point: There is no way a vampire who recycles would EVER get blood on those bed linens.

And thus, the start of Season Two of True Blood. There's a lot of questions to be answered: Who killed Miss Jeannette? What is Lafayette doing in that basement? Who is Mary Ann? And, how can they top Stephen Root as this season's guest vampire?

Whine De LuneHere's your True Bloodshot for this week:
Trailer Bride, "Too Many Snakes"
From the album, Whine De Lune

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