Thanks For Coming to the 17th Anniversary Show


September 13th, 2011 by Rami


Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone who came out to help us celebrate the improbable: 17 years of Bloodshot.
Some 325 folks came by the Hideout over the course of the night (thanks Chris the doorman) to enjoy, imbibe, laugh, cry, high-five and....well, there wasn't any crying and CERTAINLY no high-fiving, but you get the picture. After the rains cleared out, it was a perfect evening for music, saying hi to so many old friends who we don't get to see enough and enjoy an exquisite mid-September outdoor hang (which, at the Hideout, means that great view of downtown). The evening went a LITTLE late because we forgot the figure the Tuten Introduction Factor into the schedule. You'd think we'd know by now.

It seems like only a billion years ago we were seeing the nascent Waco Brothers (pre-name, even) at the Augenblick on Damen Ave and thinking that having a label would be neat hobby. Then came the shows at the Lounge Ax which were like some sort of fever dream, and then poof! 17 years later I am still entertained and humbled by the whole thing.

Maybe it's just the fact that I've been rather confined to quarters and haven't seen a show for two months (the longest such stretch since i was prolly 15 years old) due to a wrecked ankle, but I personally had one hell of a time. I still love live music, still get a thrill at being a part of something that brings so many people together for good instead of evil (usually) and, at the Hideout, it's just like the basement rec room I've always wanted. It was a great reminder of the vibe we've tried to create over the years and of all the folks who have chosen to come along for the ride.

At 2 am, after we paid off all the bands, the soundman and all the production stuff, we were pleased to find out that we made $29 for the night. As I was working on spending my $14.50 right then and there, the bartenders told me that our fans are always "polite, somewhat sloppy and good tippers."

Friends, we were made for each other.

Thanks as always for keeping the whole weird and wonderful for me. I'll keep trying to reciprocate.

Bloodshot Rob