Some Killer Early Ben Weaver Media Attention


October 14th, 2010 by Rami

Perhaps you've heard us rail about it before, but the Interweb has made it possible for a lot of BAD writing to be seen by a lot of people on equal footing with GOOD writing. Thus, we're always giddy to see some thoughtful, interesting and, dare we say, informed critical responses to our releases, and endeavor to pass them along--and Ben Weaver's new record seems to have the scribes sharpening their pencils and putting some thought into their reviews.

From the Minneapolis City Pages is a lovely review and conversation with Ben about food, music, nature and how they relate to his creative process:

"Pure pastoral, a melodic and meditative acoustic collection that finds his gravelly, Tom-Waits-indebted croak now complemented by a heretofore hidden and lovely upper register on tracks like the album-opening "Grass Doe." Deftly mixing confessional balladry ("Drag the Hills") with acute character sketches ("City Girl") and impressionistic nature journal jottings ("The Rooster's Wife"), it's a new high-water mark." Read it all HERE.

Then there's the NPR station KCMP's webstream of an in studio performance. Listen to it HERE.

And the kicker...from the blog, HERE'S a review that is rather effusive in its praise....even if we sheepishly agree.

"The temptation here is to compare it to Springsteen's "Nebraska" or any of Greg Brown's similarly stark beauties. But a more apt reference is Dylan's "Blood on the Tracks," that epic break-up record that sounds fussy in comparison."

The new album is available on Tuesday, but you can pre-order now and get a free hand drawn hang tag from Ben, as well as our 2010 edition PROMO SAMPLER.