A Silos Update from Walter


February 3rd, 2009 by Rami

It's been over twelve months since Drew passed away. It still seems
impossible. The Silos have had many true members and many. many honorary
members, yet I feel that Drew's passing has been the biggest change in the
history of the band. I know he would have wanted us to continue, and we
will, but with whom and in what direction? Konrad and I have been fortunate
and honored to have had Rod Hohl with us for almost two years as our
bassist and most of all as our brother. He joined when Drew moved from bass
to guitar and made The Silos his comfortable home. We've also had many NYC
friends join us at all the Drew tribute shows - Bruce Martin, Jason Victor,
Russ Meissner, Dennis Kronen, Mary Lee Kortes, Eric Ambel.........our NC
buddies Caitlin Cary, Lynn Blakey, and the whole Pour House crew.......and
our Austin contingent - Jon Dee Graham, Kyle Schneider, Steve McAllister,
and Michelle Anthony have all benefitted from Drew's eternal glow.

I wrote a bunch of songs - alone and with my songwriter buddies - and
Konrad and Rod have been laying down tracks with Jason Victor contributing
guitar, Michelle Anthony on piano, our old friend from Milwaukee Mike
Hoffmann also on guitar. We're planning on Bruce Martin to contribute his
extraordinary keyboard skills as well as his superb singing and bubbly good
humor. So far it's been going really well. I've been taking a back seat and
Rod has been the conductor of this train and ruling the rails with an iron
fist. He's been doing an awesome job and I'm happy to sit back and enjoy
the ride. Who knows how many Silos will be on this album or what direction
it will take?

We'll be going to SXSW like always. We'll also be taking our time with the
new album. It'll come out when it's good and ready. We're not going to rush
it. All the folks at Bloodshot Records have been amazing and supportive.
It's a new year. There's a black man in the White House offering us new
hope. We're in the final stretch of the first decade of the new millennium
and looking for a new path, a new way of thinking, a new piece of mind, a
new way to contribute to the global community. We'll all be doing our part
in our own ways.

Peace and Love,