September 22nd, 2011 by Rami

Shooter Jennings emailed us the other day singing the praises of the upcoming Scott H. Biram album Bad Ingredients. It made us smile. A lot. These are the kinds of emails we LIKE getting.

"Hey I just wanted to write u. I heard "Bad Ingredients" and it is seriously the best record I've heard since, fuck, I don't know maybe the first White Stripes record I fell in love with or something. Biram is such a great lyricist. The whole thing is a masterpiece. I've told him a hundred times but this fucking record... If he doesn't blow up over this, there is something seriously wrong with the industry. He's got the familiarity of a Jack White and kinda hits Black Keys moments vocally and style-wise, I'm just so floored.

I've listened to it probably 20 times and I've listened to "Broke Ass" at least 50 times. Like young scumbag Leonard Cohen.

But he is Biram and he is country, which they can't touch. I am floored."

Amen, Shooter, amen. And thanks.

Just a reminder, it hits the streets on October 11th, but you can pre-order it now or catch Scott on the road all fall