Scott H. Biram is American Songwriter Magazine's 'Songwriter of the Week'


March 25th, 2014 by bsradmin

American Songwriter Magazine mustered up the courage to approach the one and only Scott H. Biram about his songwriting craft, process, and influences. It's a fascinating SHB is a pretty fascinating dude, a student of many schools. 

Enlighten yourself.

Amidst the SHB101 songwriting course, there are still a few Biramesque answers of good humor, including his response to any words he hates: 

"I don't hate any words really . . . only phrases. "Cool beans".. I hate that one. Saying "vacay" instead of "vacation." It' a sign of the times. Laziness. "Okee dokie Doggie Daddy." This one must die."

We'll throw in "yesiree-bob" and "totes" and "obvi" and all that crap and wholeheartedly agree with The Dirty Old One Man Band.