Scotland Yard Gospel Choir Instruments Stolen


January 23rd, 2012 by Rami

So, last weekend, members of the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir put together a going away party for Elia at the Whistler in Chicago. Proceeds went to charity: Dave Egger's literacy project 826.

What did the band get for their efforts? Some POND SCUM stole Ethan's violin and guitars from the trunk of a car.

Hey! FILTH BAG! I hope karmic vengeance is swift and convincing.

Here's a description of the stolen gear, so if you see it around, or know anything about it, help us track it down and help out some cool folks who were in the process of HELPING OTHERS.

VIOLIN: The table is made from medium-grained European spruce, and the ribs, head and two-piece back from well-flamed European maple.

The back has the following measurements: 35,2 cm, 16,5 cm, 11,1 cm, 20,3 cm. The linseed oil based varnish is a warm orange-brown color on a golden ground. The instrument is entirely hand-made by me and bears my label as follows:

Samuel Giovanni Casco in Orebro Anno 2010 For Ethan Adelsman

The Bow: Handmade by E. Herrmann of Brazilian pernambuco wood with silver mounted hardware. the bow bears the following inscription: E. HERRMANN *** These were both in a Bam Lotus case, black with grayish stripes on the top and black backpack-style straps.

The Guitars:

Fender Mustang, 1966 model. Pale blue with black pickguard, one of the pickups is black, the other is white. had a red strap with black lightning bolt patern when last seen. Answers to Priscilla.