Robbie Fulks Gets Candid with The Wall Street Journal


April 27th, 2016 by bsradmin

Robbie Fulks met up with Wall Street Journal writer John Jurgensen at a Chicago cafe (we heard it was the Map Room in Bucktown - so was it coffee or high-octane craft beers?) and laid down some truth in an interview about his latest album Upland Stories.

"You get to that point in life where there’s more behind you than ahead, and you start obsessing late at night about things that happened to you, stuff from 40 years ago. At that distance, well, it’s like the old books — it assumes a sort of haunted or semi-mythical distance, even though it happened to you. So it seems like good material to work with.” 

Songwriters, take note.

This one's worth your time, folks. Read it here.