Robbie Fulks and Tina Fey Duet a Loretta Lynn Song! Video Proof!


September 2nd, 2016 by bsradmin

No, we are not messing with you. This actually happened. Robbie Fulks duetted a song with TINA FEY(!) Tuesday night at City Winery in New York. (Robbie was one Tina Fey's guitar teacher at Old Town School of Folk Music while Tina was in the Second City Chicago ensemble. The New Yorker has the scoop on that.) Tina & Robbie sang Loretta Lynn's timeless "Success," and holy shit, Tina has PIPES! She sounds like she'd fit right in on the stage at the Opry in 1960. 

This performance preceded a live reading of Skull Juice, a sitcom pilot written by Dino Stamatopoulos, Stephen Colbert, Scott Adsit, Robert Smigel, Andy Dick, and Michael Stoyanov that was never made or aired. All of those folks (plus Louis C.K.!) performed the pilot live last night with Robbie Fulks providing the soundtrack. 

Here's a photo with all of them! (Robbie at far left.)