RIP Justin Townes Earle, Our Dear, Dear Friend


August 24th, 2020 by bsradmin
It is with a sadness I fear will take some time to settle into the concrete reality of loss, that we learn of the passing of our dear, dear friend Justin Townes Earle.
The hearts of the entire Bloodshot family go out to his immediate family—especially his wife and daughter—as well as his vast and close network of friends.
From the first time I saw Justin perform, I wanted to work with him. I could not take my eyes off of him as he commanded the stage. He always seemed to be staring—or glaring—at something off in the middle distance; it was a drive, a goal, a determination that translated into riveting performances. When he stayed at my house in the early days—before hotel rooms or tour buses were an option—he’d rummage through my records and we’d end up listening to Meade Lux Lewis albums until entirely too late. Or too early. Time became rather fluid.
That he entrusted his first few stellar recordings to us is a source of continual pride. To be up close and watch his confidence and his talent grow at that stage of his career was a thrill that never diminished. That he was able to move between styles so effortlessly never failed to hold my interest and my admiration. I, and so many others, was looking forward to a long career of compelling music, to watching a craftsman ply his trade at a higher and higher level. We are so saddened at the music we will now never get to hear.
Let us all appreciate and reflect that we were able to partake in his talents while we could and hope for peace and comfort to those closest to him during this awful, difficult time.
Be well and stay safe.
Rob Miller
Bloodshot Records
[Photo by Frank Swider at Yard Dog Art in Austin, Texas on Friday, March 20th, 2009]