Record Store Day Round Up


April 21st, 2010 by Rami

Last Saturday was Record Store Day, and by all accounts it was a rousing success all across the country. Perhaps folks are coming to a greater realization that shopping for records is WAY more fun than downloading a bunch of ones and zeroes onto their hard drives in the bubble of their bedroom or office.

Several Bloodshot folks participated with in-store performances. Here are some field reports from the bands, fans and store owners.


We sold-out of the limited edition Ha Ha Tonka 7"

Locally, Laurie's Planet of Sound and Dave's Records report having lines around the block waiting when they opened. Elia (of The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir) was spinning sweet jams at Laurie's to keep the troops entertained. Val's Halla and Oak Park Records had people waiting outside when they opened, too, and were chock fulla people all day.

Reports from around the country where our artists were participating:

From the owner of Euclid Records in St Louis:
"Bottle Rockets kicked butt as always. They are really playing at top level these days, and I've been watching them forever. Store was packed!"

From the owner of Cactus (in Houston):
"Ha Ha Tonka kicked off RSD in a fine fashion. MAN, those guys can play and sing. Cool guys and a great band. We'd have em in anytime."

-From Good Records (in Dallas):
"Huge success....Murder by Death and Ha Ha Tonka ruled...we were 75% over in sales from last year's RSD and that was our biggest day ever so you do the
math...HUGE...thanks for making it happen..."

From Kurt of Deadstring Brothers:
[Culture Clash in Toledo] "went down perfect, they are great people and the store was crammed with people all day."

From an eyewitness in Toledo:
"Great showing. I spoke to the guys before their set.....they actually played about an hour!!! There were at least 75 people there enjoying the show, probably couldnt have squeezed anymore than 5 more people into that store."

Culture Clash owner Pat says he has "never seen a band get that kind of crowd reaction in Toledo" he said it was explosive, and the crowd went "fucking nuts."

Tyrannosaurus Records in Renton WA said this about the Exene Cervenka in-store:
"3 words: Best. Day. Ever. Could not have happened without you. If you lay claim to my firstborn, I will not even fight it. Thanks again, Exene was amazing on-stage and off-. I hope that we did her proud here in Renton."

From Exene herself:
" it was awesome. people have been wonderful to me. ive met almost everybody at the shows. its strange a little but they are all so great. a lot of families. i met thirteen year old exene in eugene. and more people have come to see me than would have with a band in a bar. weve sold enough merch to almost pay for the trip. so wonderful free vacation to the great west coast. thanks! exene"