Random End of the Year Staff "Best of" lists and Resolutions!


December 29th, 2009 by Rami

Ahhh, the end of the year. Time for lists and resolutions. Resolutions and lists. The busy staffers at Bloodshot are no different, so I when I stood creepily over their desks and demanded some thoughts from them on the end of year, they obliged with the following:


My top 10 records of 2009 list is as follows:
(In no particular order:)
The Avett Brothers - I and Love and You - Columbia
Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix - Glassnote
Justin Townes Earle - Midnight at the Movies - Bloodshot
Phosphorescent - To Willie - Dead Oceans
Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More (out in UK. US release in January on Glassnote)
Amadou & Mariam - Welcome to Mali - Nonesuch
Bat For Lashes - Two Suns - Astralwerks
Heartless Bastards - The Mountain - Fat Possum
Kid Sister - Ultraviolet - Downtown
The Swell Season - Strict Joy - Anti-


I'm basing this on albums I've consistently returned to listening to throughout the year.
In no particular order....

GROUP BOMBINO- "Guitars from Agadez vol. II"- (Sublime Frequencies)
JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE- "Midnight at the Movies" (Bloodshot)
KID CONGO POWERS- "Dracula Boots" (In the Red)
OLD CANES- "Feral Harmonic" (Saddle Creek)
REIGNING SOUND- "Love & Curses" (In the Red)
WAYNE HANCOCK- "Viper of Melody" (Bloodshot)
VIC CHESNUTT- "At the Cut"
JOE GIDEON & THE SHARK- "Harum Scarum" (Bronzerat)


-Gories/Oblivians at the Majestic Theater
-Vic Chesnutt w/ Silver Mt. Zion & Guy Picciotto from Fugazi at Lincoln Hall
-Jack Oblivian at the Hideout
-Tinariwen at the Old Town School of Folk
-Bloodshot 15th Anniversary BBQ's at the Hideout, the Sail Inn, and Yard Dog Gallery
-Thee Oh Sees at Schubas
-Reigning Sound at Subterranean
-Jesus Lizard at Metro
-Killdozer at the Abbey
-Dex Romweber Duo/Andre Williams/Lonesome Organist at Double Door
-Soundtrack of Our Lives at Double Door
-Tim Fite at Schuba's
-Lewis & Clarke/Mako Sica at Hotti Biscotti
-O'Death at the Empty Bottle
-J. Roddy Walston & the Business at Schubas


6 Best Records I heard this year
Chip Robinson — Mylow
Justin Townes Earle — Midnight At the Movies
Lucero — 1372 Overton Park
The Gourds - Haymaker
Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit — S/T
Drive By Truckers — The Fine Print

6 Favorite Holiday foods
Bacon Candy
Peanutbutter cookies with Mini Reese's in the middle
Chocolate Covered bacon
Turkey Sandwiches
Bacon Sandwiches

Then, I asked 1: "What was the best thing that happened to you in 2009" and 2: "What's your New Year's Resolution"

1) I lost 60 pounds and put out a record! I spent the last week living like I was a teenager again...a teenager who get's served and has no curfew. What more could anyone ask?!

2) I resolve to be smaller in size but dimensionally larger in stature. I resolve to grow younger from this point on. I resolve to do more with less, unless I HAVE more, in which case I plan to do more with more. I resolve to try not to choke anyone to death. I resolve to fold, spindle AND mutilate at every opportunity. I resolve to learn how to get around Chicago a lot better on public transportation, shortly before getting a car. I resolve to try to look more like Rob every day....so when he goes on his "mystery vacations" I can take over and no one will be the wiser. I resolve to secede from my bedroom and claim my kitchen in the name of the Ottoman Empire. I resolve to hire ninjas whenever possible.


1. I won a Kindle. Yay. Uhhh, I also got to spend a week in Hawaii.
2. Eat more.


1) I grew more comfortable in my own skin.
2) I want to spend my time doing what I myself want to do, and I want to do
those things with the people who I want to be with.

(editor's note: Sheesh, Scott can be so SERIOUS sometimes....)


1.) The fact that George Bush isn't president anymore.
2.) More thinkin'-- less drinkin'.


1) Surviving the Bloodshot Beer-B-Qs.
2)To stop setting fires in the toaster oven and microwave.


1) Professionally: The survival of Bloodshot in these difficult times and going to all the anniversary BBQs and seeing so many friends we've made over the years and providing a lot of great fun for a lot of people. This continues to be very gratifying.

Personally: Discovering pajamas as an adult. I am now all for the lounging in sleepwear around the house (yeah, a bit sad, but it was a tough year)

2) To learn to make and smoke sausages. To not say "Can I get....?" when i should be more polite and say "Could I have...?" To increase my hatred of people talking on cell phones while driving. To continue ignoring the existence of popular culture.


(Marah did not respond to my repeated emails, so I will answer for her)

1. Highlight was, OBVIOUSLY, coming to work at Bloodshot and basking in the cool, measured genius and divine glow that my boss gives off

2. I resolve to bring my boss a delicious cocktail precisely at 5:30 at least once a week.

There, that about does it....