A Quick Re-cap of the Tempe 15 Year Party!


October 26th, 2009 by Rami

Well, here we are, back in Chicago after a whirlwind 36 hours in the Valley of the Sun. The forecast for us? Cloudy, drizzle and in the low 50's all week (why did we leave again?). It seems like only yesterday we were all parading around the hotel pool in our Speedos ordering Bloody Marys from the cabana boy. Oh wait, it was.

Anyway, we wanted to thank all of you who came out on a perfect evening and supported the cause. Everyone at the Sail Inn was super nice to us, and all the regulars who were sipping beers from their personal-sized pitchers all day helped moved stuff around and pitch in. The BBQ from Honey Bear's was top notch, and, forgive me fellow members of the Shrine of the Holy Smoked Pig, the beans were almost soooo good as to outshine the pulled pork. Damn, they were tasty.

We're sorry Justin couldn't make it, but when he cancels a show, you can be sure there is a damn good reason behind it. We'll make sure he gets out there soon.

Thanks to all folks of Tempe who were giddy at such an event being held in town. So many of you were so appreciative of it, it makes all the logistics going into it worthwhile. We also want to tip our proverbial hats to the folks we who came from such far flung places as Oklahoma City, Reno, Santa Barbara, Albuquerque, Durango, and many other locales. It really and truly means a lot to us.

Thanks to all the great support from local record shops for spreading the word. You folks there are lucky to have them around. There are a lot of places that have chosen not to support local music stores and they are the poorer for losing them. Buy local.

Finally, we want to say how great it was to see a some of our old buddies from local heroes the Grevious Angels, one of the first bands to be stupid (or canny?) enough to record for us. They were there BEFORE the gold-plated Hummers and platinum walking sticks.

Thanks again for coming. We still think you are all insane for living in a desert (keep your hands off our Great Lakes), but you showed you can come together and partake in a grand party.