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October 24th, 2012 by Rami

Al Kaline

Bloodshot Rob's a lifelong Tiger fan. Growing up he thought Al Kaline was so revered the world over that they named alkaline batteries after him. Seriously.

Some nights, when he has trouble sleeping, he, rather than counting sheep, still imagines getting an urgent phone call from the Tigers manager asking if he'd be able to fill at first base in a pinch---they need his scrappy ability to hit to all fields AND it's a spot where being a lefty is an advantage! AND he hates Cal "The Streak" Ripken for stealing undue shortshop attention---big deal, I show up to work everyday and no one cares, so do most people---from MUCH DESERVED Hall of Famer Alan Trammell.

Go Get 'em Tigers!

To celebrate the joy in his heart with his team in the World Series, we're offering 10% off any Paypal order while the series lasts.

That's right, any order for any amount. We'll refund 10% of it to your Paypal account. You just have to name your favorite Tiger and why in the special instructions section.

Act fast! Cuz if the Giants end up winning, he may demand Bay Area residents pay 50% MORE for their orders. AND he'll take his rage and torment out on his poor employees.

Game 1 postscript: Sigh. Maybe I'll dress up as Valverde for Halloween and just let everyone hit me.

Game 2 postcript: Ugh. My head is starting to hurt. Prince Fielder slides with all the grace of a man falling down the stairs...

Game 3 postscript: TWO F'ING SHUTOUTS IN A ROW? Way to make SF pitchers look like Koufax wrapped in Clemens and sprinkled with Maddux.

Game 4 postscript: Spent most of evening cleaning TV of all the Thai food i was throwing at screen.

Game 5 postscript: Oh wait. Nevermind. That's what I get for caring...

Maybe Prince Fielder and Alex Rodriguez can give each other hitting tips on whatever diamond encrusted vacation island they'll be at this winter. Where's Chet Lemon when you need him?