Just Another Friday...


April 9th, 2010 by Rami

Ah, Springtime in Chicago. Time for Baseball, flowers and.....unlicensed tree-trimming!

Several of us just spent an amusing/horrifying half hour looking out the window of our little warehouse. Next to us, between the vacant lot and the Ecuadorian restaurant, there was a large, mostly dead tree surrounded by all manner of wires, fences and US.

We couldn't believe it as they leaned ladders against the very tree they were cutting down, the puny ropes used for "stability" giving us little comfort. We half expected it all to come crashing down on us, obliterating the warehouse and those of us unable to tear our eyes away, reducing our little empire to a footnote in the next Pitchfork posting.

After some Three Stooges-level sawing and pointing and kibbitzing, the tree made a stomach curdling cracking noise, pulled down some wires, made the telephone poles wobble drunkenly, and crashed down AWAY from us, into the solid brick wall of the auto parts store.

Just another day in the life of a little label. It's not all fun, you know. It can be dangerous.

We just wanted to share.