A Hearty Thank You for the Hideout Anniversary Party!


September 18th, 2009 by Rami


The 15th Anniversary party at the Hideout this past weekend exceeded all our expectations. The weather was perfect, the sound tremendous (thanks Gary), all the bands were on time and played really well and were thrilled to do so in front of such a large, enthusiastic audience (almost 4000 of you, and, just based on advance ticket sales, there were people from at least 22 states and 3 countries), and them BBQ pork sammiches sure were tasty!

It was truly a humbling day. We saw so many friends from over the years---going all the way back to the planning stage days at Delilah's; regulars at our DJ night, people who have come to shows, musicians, artists and general Chicago music lovers. Sorry we didn't have a chance to chat more, it was a crazy day but know that we so appreciate the support and your attendance that day (and all the other days). Most everyone was pretty well behaved too, except that douchebag who jumped the barrier and broke the tent over the monitors and cost us another $200....)

Looking out over the crowd during Alejandro's brilliant set, I really began to choke up, to think that this looney idea we had so long ago has brought so much fun to so many over the years AND allowed us to work with such a high caliber of talent so closely. And to think that you all have allowed to keep doing this. If we weren't busting our asses that day, we'd have been down in the crowd with you; we remain inveterate music fans.

And finally, we'd like to thank all the volunteers and Hideout staff. without them, there is NO WAY we could have pulled off that event.

AND (I've said this a hundred times before and I staunchly stand behind it), no city can TOUCH Chicago for its organic, home supported music scene. Those of us who live here should never take that for granted.

The evening ended for me, 17 hours after i got there, with someone buying me a long awaited margarita. I fell asleep with it in my hand on one of benches outside the Hideout. Such is the glamor........

Rob, Nan and all at Bloodshot