Hear the First Song from Scotland Yard Gospel Choir in Five Years!


January 5th, 2016 by bsradmin

It's great to see our friends Scotland Yard Gospel Choir back in action! Chicagoist just premiered their first new song since their tour van accident five years ago, and this ode to the iconic Belmont/Clark intersection of Chicago is a triumphant return.

As Chicagoist says, "the liner notes from the single do a great job of summing up the feeling that drove the song's creation:"

long live punkin donuts! long live every squat-dwelling, tattooed scalp bumming cigarettes on the corner, every brace-faced skokie middle-schooler with a crass patch, every homeless runaway in a germs shirt and mini skirt, every should-be-in-school kid talking about bands too obscure for you. long live the thirty of us who got arrested that summer night in maybe '96 when the owners of punkin donuts got sick of us sitting (aka trespassing) in their parking lot. god bless david who got his balls grabbed by a cop for talking back, dylan who was taken to the police station on his first-ever acid trip, ginger whose dad tried to use his clout to get him out of jail and thoroughly failed. long live the trans prostitutes doing blow under the italian restaurant awning, long live the aa’s from the queer sober clubhouse over ann sather who hoped we'd join them sooner rather than later. god bless the ones who made it out alive and the ones who didn't. long live clark and belmont!

Hear and buy the track here:

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