HA HA TONKA slays 'em at the Austin City Limits Festival


September 22nd, 2011 by Rami

HA HA TONKA played the much vaunted ACL festival in Austin TX last weekend and by all the accounts we've heard (we weren't allowed to go, our cruel overlord bosses allow no such things) they knocked it out of the proverbial park

HERE'S a link to Rolling Stone's "Best Moments" from the festival photos

HERE'S a great article/interview from the AustinPost called "The ACL Band Stuck In My Head" and it tells how HHT brought on the rain to the drought-stricken area (who knew?) as well as couple of their videos.

Overheard several times were people saying "Did you hear that HHT made it rain?"

Heed their powers...

Here's a video medley of their set (pardon the crappy audio) that gives you sense of the day..