Exene Cervenka + Kevin Costner = WTF????


July 23rd, 2010 by Rami

Yeah, sometimes we find out things about our artists that make our tiny little monkey brains spin. This would be one of them. Exene Cervenka and Kevin Costner made a movie together way back when, with Dave Alvin and John Doe and a load of others. Note the fundraising for Gulf Coast charities.

The Degree of Separation betwixt Bloodshot and Kevin Costner has shrunk to 1! Will a Nicolas Cage/Sally Timms duet album from 1986 be unearthed soon too?

From the Huffington Post: "Before he danced with wolves, Academy Award winning actor/director Kevin Costner made a never-before-seen movie that's being released today after nearly 25 years in a vault: Bad Day, directed by the award-winning rock video director, Modi Frank, and photographed by punk rock queen, singer, poet and visual artist, Exene Cervenka, co-founder of the seminal band X. The duo are releasing the cowboy-themed short as a digital downloaded for a "you decide" amount. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Gulf charities providing aid to both people and the environment."

Have a peek at the trailer HERE