Dex Romweber Signing Ceremony Goes Off Without Incident


August 27th, 2008 by Rami

Bags of money, instruments of bondage, and an enormous cigar all played roles in Bloodshot Records' signing of American Music luminary Dexter Romweber. Just hours after setting the stage on fire at Chicago's Red Line Tap this July 16, the Dexter Romweber camp, consisting of the legendary frontman's sister and band-mate, Sara Romweber, and the pair's childhood friend and manager Brett Steele, arrived at the Bloodshot compound to ink a multi-album deal.

Co-owner Rob Miller, a non-smoker, sauntered to the signing table sporting a Dominican stogie no less than 10.5 inches long. Rob's message--that he is an industry fat-cat, ripe with the power and influence of 10 ordinary co-presidents, and someone not to be trifled with under any imaginable circumstance--was clear. "Pleasure to be in business with you… Friends…." spoke Rob, glancing charismatically at the signees in between airy puffs on his unlit tobacco-product.

Following the signing, sweet, sweet whiskey was served and a good time was had by all. Fake bags of money were placed on the table--a clear symbol of the future for these artists and business people, who, thanks to some creative visual-aids, all understand each other a bit better.