Dex Romember and Athens, GA


October 9th, 2012 by Rami

The mid-80s documentary about the legendary Athens, GA music scene of the time, Athens, GA: Inside/Out, has been given the re-release treatment with a new DVD and CD soundtrack. Featuring local legends like The B-52s and REM, the documentary also turns its lens onto Flat Duo Jets, which features the legit guitar god Dex Romweber. We have the good fortune of having a few copies of the Flat Duo Jets' seminal LP, Go Go Harlem Baby, in our warehouse for sale--so make your next weekend, a Romweberian one ... pick up Inside/Out and then put Go Go Harlem Baby on your record player.

Why, you ask, should I care? THIS is why. Unhinged, epochal live performances, is why.