Deadspin's 'Skeptic's Guide to The Mekons' Can Make Anyone a Mekons Expert


April 22nd, 2015 by bsradmin

"The Mekons aren’t a band in any normal sense, may not exist, and can be accurately described only by using the sort of superlatives that would make most normal people throw up their hands in skeptical exasperation, all of which makes them a problem for those who love them. After all, I can tell you that at their best, they’re as good as your favorite band, that they could change the way you feel about things that matter to you, and/or that they offer solutions to some of the more serious internal conflicts felt by any ordinary citizen living under late capitalism—all (maybe) true!—but there’s no real reason for me to expect you to believe any of it, and in fact you probably won’t."

Nailed it.

If you (like most of the world's population) haven't swam the waters (and whiskey, gasoline, sweat, blood, you name it) of The Mekons, look no further than this Deadspin guide to the band of reluctant punks. If you read this and watch Revenge of the Mekons, you'll be a borderline Mekons scholar.

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